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* sniff * I Always Get Emotional When These Things Happen....

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to take this moment to acknowledge one of those moments.

See, it's always a beautiful thing when a prankster loses his amateur standing and goes pro.  No longer is he with the goof offs who can't do anything funny and only act on April Fools' Day, he is one of the masters, someone who has struck and all people like me can do is go, "Oh, that's good!"  This doesn't happen often.  Really good pranking is an art.  You don't learn it, you either have it or you don't.

I would like to tip my hat to Mister Rich Johnston, who used to run the Lying In The Gutters comic rumor column.  Last year, he moved on to a site called Bleeding Cool, sponsored by Avatar Press.  Johnston now puts stuff up every day, so sometimes it's slow, sometimes it's not.  Sometimes the news is little, sometimes it's huge.

Johnston has his detractors, but he has also done some great stuff, such as exposing the Fake Art Adams and helping get certain comic companies to pay up after they tried stiffing the talent.  One of his greatest enemies in this regard is Pat Lee, the guy behind DreamWave who left a wake of broken dreams and empty wallets.  Lee recently returned thanks to Dynamite Entertainment, and is basically being dismissive of people who feel he is a rip-off artist.

Now, Johnston is a funny guy and swell company.  So, I had no idea that the transmission of his mind had this particular gear....

Lee's web site lists, among other things, Deep Sky Pictures, which I'm presuming is a film production company Lee heads.  Lee refers to it on many of his web pages.

Somehow, Johnston discovered that, while Lee is still, as of this writing, linking to Deep Sky Pictures, the domain has, in fact, lapsed.  Any time you put in a URL that isn't active, you get one of those stupid banners saying, "Register this web site now!"

Johnston registered the domain and put up a link to his page listing all the rotten things Lee has done and is suspected of doing.  So, anyone who clicks on Lee's page for Deep Sky Pictures gets a dossier instead

And so, I stand and salute another soul who has graduated.  Welcome to the Bigs, Rich Johnston!  You, sir, are fucking awesome!  I speak for everyone when I say we're glad you're here!
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