August 27th, 2017

Peter G

It's A Good Thing We Have A Friend In Jesus

Maybe I should start treating Atheists like shit just so that it justifies their behavior around me.

At Wizard World yesterday, I'm catching up with a vendor friend of mine.  He has a new assistant who hadn't met me before.  My friend and I are talking politics and how a jerk Donald Trump is. I don't remember why, but I reiterated that I was a devout Christian.  Not news to my friend, news to his assistant, who promptly commanded my attention to tell me how Trump is almost as bad for America as organized religion, with its brainwashing and followers who live in the Dark Ages and deny science and....

After a few moments of this, he stopped and looked at me, waiting for a response.

I told him, Thank you.  You hurt me, and I feel cleansed.  I then went back to talking with my friend.

You know, when people say they are Atheists or Wiccans or whatever, I don't fall to my knees and start witnessing or telling them they're going to Hell or whatever.  I had done nothing to indicate I was that kind of Christian, and yet, all I have to do is mention I'm religious, and this goon decides to light into me.  Maybe he was testing me.  Maybe he thought it was just conversation.  Maybe he's a jerk.  I would just appreciate it if poor treatment of me was justified instead of just something to be done.