October 22nd, 2017

Peter G


"The devil has his price, and I'll make sure you pay."
-- King Dice"Cuphead"

The Weinstein Effect continues its death march across media.  Fueled by the #MeToo campaign, a harsh light is bearing down on everybody, and they are scattering like cockroaches in the kitchen.  People who were afraid are becoming emboldened, and the justice people have hid from for so long is out to get them.

And when I say "media," I mean media.  It's no secret there's lots of people in Hollywood who are still going to use their positions of power.  But they are losing protections.  Director James Toback has just been hit with 38 complaints of sexual harassment.  Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney is coming forward to reveal sexual harassment in her field.  Just this week, Nickelodeon sacked Chris Savino, creator of The Loud House, for sexual harassment (despite rumors following him for almost a decade).  No one is safe.

Including new media.

A man on NeoGAF under the handle scissorfight, under the header, "My little sister was sexually harassed by someone famous in the gaming industry," decided to share his sister's story that she posted on Facebook.  "I remember a man, claiming to be my friend, going on a road trip to New Orleans.  In NOLA we drank and had fun and one night we had been drinking in our hotel room and I got sick.  I was throwing up and decided to hop in the shower to feel better.  I was surprised when he got into the shower, fully naked, behind me.  I had a boyfriend at the time and didn't think I'd given him any reason to think I'd wanted this.  I don't cheat.  So I told him that it wasn't OK, that I was sick, that I had a boyfriend, that I didn't want that.  He got out and he slowly started resenting me, being mean to me, ignoring me...in a city he drove me to.  I couldn't wait to get home.  I couldn't tell my partner for fear he would claim I led him on.  My relationship with my boyfriend suffered and we broke up soon after that.  I couldn't come out about this situation because the perpetrator is a semi famous man who would have retaliated and I couldn't afford to defend myself.  There are web sites dedicated to this persons sexual assault history.  I didn't know.  I was scared.  I was tired.  I still can't post his name out of fear.  Fear for a film he acted in for me.  Fear of ridicule.  Fear of not being believed.  I don't want to be silent anymore.  I will continue to post stories until I don't feel like it anymore.  And there are so many.  Also -- street harassment count for the day (so far) is 4.  And I only walked 2 blocks from where my ride dropped me off to where I work.  Let's that sink in."

Back on Facebook, the woman responding to the original post urged her to speak up and "take her power back."  Initially, the woman said no -- ten minutes after that response, she wrote, "Not right now.  I don't wanna go back there.  I don't want him to ever contact me.  I got lucky."  But two minutes later, she posted, "Fuck it.  Google Evilore."

So, for those that came in late, who is Evilore?  Evilore is one Tyler Malka, the founder, owner, and CEO of NeoGAF.  Yes, the same site where scissorfight made his initial post.  NeoGAF has become a very influential site in the gaming world, with fans and devlopers alike going there to talk shop -- getting approved to participate in the forums took a looooong time.  But Tyler Malka has a very dirty history of sexual harassment that the staff of NeoGAF has tried to keep under wraps.  For example, back in 2012, Malka bragged about groping a woman flirting with him on a train to Spain as a show of dominance, that he "wouldn't be taken advantage of," then banned any forumite who questioned the morality of what he did.  Malka also contributed money to a former mod on the site accused of possessing child pornography, resulting in anyone who brought it up in the forums finding the threads deleted and themselves permabanned.  Rumors spread that anyone who didn't parrot his specific stances regarding GamerGate (such as boogie289) were also banned.  Despite him claiming to be a staunch supporter of women's rights and feminism, he had no trouble using misogynistic insults against Miss Crocodile and even stated simply in another thread, "Sexual objectification is great.  Harassment is not."  Back in June of this year, former site mod Amir0x was busted for child porn.  Malka officially stated that he didn't know Amir0x, only knew him by his screen name, didn't even know his real name.  However, a GoFundMe set up to help Arim0x listed a "Tyler Malka" as making the top contribution to the site of $1,000.  Anyone questioning if NeoGAF would start doing background checks on its admins got banned from the site and blocked on Twitter.

Malka was patroling the forums, and in short order, deleted scissorfight's thread and banned him from the site.  Others, however, had already screencapped everything and started posting it in more threads.  It is unknown how many were shut down by Malka and how many were his staff, but within a few hours, four of the admins -- Besada, Cyan, Xander Cage, and Kabouter -- quit.  By the next day, the rest of them -- ThoseDeafMutes, charlequin, Stumpakow, EMC, Christine, Nirolak, and Duckroll -- were gone.  As of this moment, other than Malka himself, there are NO mods on NeoGAF.  Users are demanding to be permabanned from the site, complete with a dedicated thread for people to make such requests.  Malka has yet to make a statement regarding any of this.

NeoGAF is dead.  Cold.  Worm food.  A street pizza.  There is no way Malka will ever recover his reputation and trust enough to start this over.

(Side note:  I've previously mentioned a commentator I hate who has been saying all the accusers of Harvey Weinstein and others should have come out sooner and they are just bandwagoning and they need to prove it in a court of law....this guy, who has previously been at extreme odds with Malka, is making pieces about how great it is to see Malka exposed as a hypocrite.  Please notice that all his tactics downplaying harassers and their motivations are not factoring into this.  The only implied reason why he's joining in to kick Malka while he's down is because he has beef with the guy, even though his case is no different that the others he's downplayed.  This guy is unbelievable.)

As I write this, it's Sunday.  Malka's Twitter has been silent since late August, and there have been no signs of that changing.  NeoGAF itself is on lockdown so that the various posts can be dealt with.  The story is still developing.

But I've seen this movie before.

I know how it turns out.

And it's just another example of someone who didn't see the Weinstein Effect until it overtook him.