Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Shine On, You Crazy Diamond

So, Joss Whedon is devving a Wonder Woman movie.

That's not the bad part.  In fact, that's the awesome part.

Among the names he is considering for the part is Eliza Dushku (which isn't suprising), Megan Fox (unlikely, especially with her tapped for Fathom, a role better suited to her...ahem...talents), Beyonce Knowles (...wat?), and Sandra Bullock.  No Kate Beckensale.

That's not the bad part.  In fact, that's just a typical part.

Here's the bad part.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, whose show just got axed by CBS, has told the media she is obsessed with playing Wonder Woman and is lobbying the Warner Bros. studio heads to hire her for the part.  I'm guessing Whedon isn't returning her calls.

"I'm fighting so hard. I think Warner Bros. is getting ready to make Wonder Woman and I really want to play Wonder Woman. I am obsessed with Wonder Woman."

We go to DEFCON RED!!!  Hang in there, Joss!  You can save us!
Tags: art, comic books, comics, haven't we suffered enough, wtf
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