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Kitten On The Keys

Activision has been revealing information about the next Guitar Hero and DJ Hero games.  Harmonix has been strangely quiet.  Today, the silence was broken.  Some new details about Rock Band 3 have come to light.  Seems there was a good reason things were so secretive.

RB3, in addition to supporting large memory cards (and believe me, I'm looking forward to that) for downloadable content and a new 83 song set list, will boast some new toys.

First, there will be a keyboard.  Not exactly full blown, it'll be a 25-keyer.  Reports indicate it will interface by MIDI, meaning you can use it with computer music software like Cakewalk or Rosegarden.  This also means, potentially, I can use my regulation size 61'er.  The game is being designed to match the actual notes as much as possible, so this could be a great trainer.  There will be an emphasis on keyboard-driven bands.  One of the acts the report is bragging about is The Doors.  L.A. Woman would be awesome, but I just know Touch Me Babe will likely be on the set list.  I don't like The Doors to begin with, so missing the one song I do like by them and getting what I think is their worst (I'll even take the rambling The End over Touch Me Babe) sucks.

Next, there is a "pro" mode.  You won't see the instrument tracks that you've seen in Guitar Hero, you will see actual musical notation.

But, Peter, I hear some of you asking, what good is that when it comes to the color buttons?  Well, here's the gag -- the guitar peripheral has been redesigned.  Harmonix PR head John Drake told reporters about a a full-sized Fender Squier Stratocaster -- six strings and all -- that "can tell where your fingers are based on technology in the neck and the bridge of the guitar. No buttons."

Fu.  Kin'.  A.

If you prefer doing your Rock Band old school, Mad Catz, they of the questionable game peripherals, is making a guitar modeled after a Fender Mustang Pro and features a neck covered in buttons.  Senior designer Sylvain Dubrofsky bragged, "You can go from plucking single notes to power chords and bar chords, we have crazy stuff like tapping and slides."

The game will also feature full jumping in and out for gamers and changing instruments without pausing.


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Jun. 12th, 2010 10:59 am (UTC)
Not that the next GH can even compare to that, but I do have a little of the leaked info on it. After you have waded through the entire game, a final song is unlocked. It's called "Sudden Death" and it was written and performed by Megadeth. It was written specifically for the game, and supposedly will make players want to smash their controllers based on the extreme speed and difficulty.
Jun. 12th, 2010 11:20 am (UTC)
NOTE: I wrote this thinking you meant the Megadeth song is RB exclusive. Is it for RB or GH?

Really? A true RB exclusive?

Wait...if I like the song (which, let's face it, is possible), will I be able to acquire it on CD or something?

Here's the big difference between Harmonix and Activision. Activision's creations are the same ol' same ol'. Other than adding the drums and vocals to keep up with RB, they have done nothing to update the series (RB even got a new engine in the jump from 1 to 2). Meanwhile, Harmonix is going, "What can we do to make it worthwhile to shell out hundreds of bucks for this?" At least Harmonix is trying to give you your money's worth. Is it any wonder I love these guys?

I can just picture the boys at Harmonix going, "There, gamers! Accurate controls, musical notion, and Megadeth ripping your head off. Happy now?"

Edited at 2010-06-12 11:23 am (UTC)
Jun. 12th, 2010 04:57 pm (UTC)
Sorry, it is a Guitar Hero exclusive. Although, I can't see Megadeth NOT releasing the track on an album... it's their song after all.
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