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Viva La Revolution!

I know people make fun of the French a lot. Hell, I do it once in a while because they make themselves such easy targets (and they seem to enjoy it in their own way). But, as I have pointed out to Mornblade, who is part French himself, the French have a true sense of justice and honor. In WWII movies, the Allies looking to liberate cities from the Germans are always turning to French insiders who know all the ins and outs of troop movement. They not only have the Musketeers, but also Cyrano de Bergerac, probably the greatest romantic hero ever created. They also have a cutting sense of justice. Talking with coders who live in France (no, they don't give me shit for not speaking French), I come away with the impression that they are very politically aware and do not suffer fools in government gladly.

Nicolas Sarkozy is the French President, and he pretty much acts like the Zaphod Beeblebrox of French government. He married a woman about half his age. She's a singer. Well...sort of. She didn't sell very well. But needless to say, she's young, lithe, and beautiful. Pop music contracts are not given to anyone not photogenic. Just ask Martha Wash.

Sarkozy decided to craft a new Internet law basically as a gift to his wife. First, you could be accused of illegally downloading stuff off P2P networks if you were not running an OS with centralized tracking information. Read that -- Windoze. Macs don't hold that info, and Linux flat out doesn't do that. So just running an OS that isn't M$ made would be enough to get you hauled in. Even funnier -- the entire French police force runs Linux. In other words, the cops would have to arrest themselves.

Next, he cooked up a "three strikes and you're out" policy. You get two warnings by e-mail (and we all know how reliable e-mail is). Third warning, ISP's would be required to drop you from service for a year. Doesn't matter if it's one person doing this without the others knowing it, or a wardriver, or anything like that. You're gone. All to stop P2P sharing. So Sarkozy crafted a law for his lovely wife. Well, us normal guys with our candy and flowers can just shoot ourselves now.

Today, the French lawmakers told Sarkozy to shove it. The measure was shot down 21 to 15. Two members that were originally going to vote for the bill flipped when Sarkozy added a provision just before the vote that people whose service was cut off would still have to pay their Internet bills.

The bill was thought to be a shoe-in, and this is a very public repudation of Sarkozy. Great going, my French brothers in arms. Keep up the FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Sourse Software) work!
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