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Sound Waves #6 Is Out!

Yes, I know, the cover image is a bit misleading, as Melody's presence is never revealed to the Professor.  But with just Rhapsody running down the hall and the Professor after her, the space between them looked a little bland.  Besides, I wanted to make sure Melody was included somehow, as she is ultimately Rhapsody's salvation.  Swim buddies helping each other out of trouble, if you will.

One thing writers will sweat is believability.  As a result, sometimes writer's block will set in because the writer can't figure out what to do that hasn't been done.  In some cases, pacing is your friend.  You keep things moving at the right speed, and you can get away with something that might not bear logical scrutiny, but only if the audience is actually paying attention.  A little misdirection goes a long way, like the climax of the remake of The Italian Job -- there's no way the plan would work in real life, but you don't care, you're too busy rooting for the crew to pull it off.

Most of the time, the 16 page limit on Sound Waves stories is a problem because there is usually more I want to put in there or things I want to expound on, but can't do to the self-imposed constraints.  Not this time.  I needed to get Rhapsody out of there, and given the Professor was systematically boxing her in, I needed something unusual that he couldn't prepare for.  Most of what happens is a cheat, like shorting out the door controls on one side of a room preventing the ones on the other side from working.  But I was relying on an old trick that we comic strip writers use all the time -- barrel through the story as fast as you can to keep the inconsistencies from be dwelled on.  Otherwise, I really didn't know how I was going to do it without an entire extra issue where Rhapsody starts playing Solid Snake to get the code keys to open the doors and escape.

I also needed some sort of resolution that would nullify the Professor.  He is convinced mermaids exist, and there's no way he'd be content to leave Rhapsody alone, especially if she becomes close to Sherman.  Having the whole thing go south on him and his family thinking he's nuts would intimidate him into butting out.

I didn't cheat on everything in the issue.  For example, Rhapsody does stand on a table to keep her out of the water while the electrical system in the room shorts out.  There was also a question of getting everyone out of the undersea home without the Professor running things.  A failsafe evacuation became a shortcut that eliminated several pages showing their attempted escape.

My favorite page to draw is when Melody figures out Rhapsody is in love with Sherman and promptly gives her shit for it.

Yes, Sherman's address, 4242, is a Douglas Adams reference.  And Rhapsody is doing the Felix pace again in front of it.  It’s just such a natural image for her.
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