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For Those Of You Keeping Track Of Faith-Based Initiatives....

It is important to remember that, when we think hatred and discrimination are being destroyed, they aren't.  They are just being forced underground and will rear up when you least expect it.  Racism, sexism, and good old fashioned homophobia.

(Side note:  a long time ago, I was hit on by a gay guy.  He politely introduced himself and did the shy guy's intro -- "I hope I don't seem forward, but I think you're very attractive blah blah blah".  I recognized his nervousness, so as nicely as I could, I told him I was straight and I was afraid I wasn't interested.  He apologized, I told him there was no need to, and he went on his way.  That was it, no lectures or outrage.  Compared to the borderline psychotic woman my coworkers at my union job nearly pushed into stalking me and her behavior, I find it interesting that society finds the less threatening of the two more shocking.  It's never, "Jesus, man, you dodged a bullet with that lunatic woman," it's "Didn't that guy creep you out?")

A lot of people like to talk about Canada and how open-minded it is (I don't say "liberal" because, while the true meaning of "liberal" is open minded, generous, and contemplative, it has been twisted into a political shorthand that has nothing to do with my topic.  That's the only reason I'm avoiding that particular adjective right now).  But there's still some lizard-brain stupidity up there.  Specifically, in the Northwest Territory, in the town of Yellowknife.

Scott Robertson and Richard Anthony were selling their house and needed someplace to move fast.  Not easy to do, considering they have two dogs.  Anthony's sister and son lived in a building where Will Goertzen was the landlord.  In May 2009, they approached him about renting a place, and everything seemed to be fine.  They signed a one year lease and got their stuff together.

But then, before the two moved in, Anthony's sister mentioned to Goertzen that the two of them weren't roomies, they were lovers.  Goertzen then relisted the place for rent online, three weeks before they were to move in.  Anthony didn't find out about it until he stumbled across the ad.  When he confronted Goertzen, Goertzen responded by saying that gays are "an abomination and one of the reasons the world is going to hell in a hand basket."

Robertson and Anthony spent ten days scrambling around, staying with friends and keeping their stuff in various storages around the area until they found another place.  Interestingly, in order to get their damage deposit back, they had to file a complaint with the renter's court.  So, apparently, Goertzen thinks being gay is an abomination, but being a thief is A-OK!

Goertzen has gotten his ass hauled before the Northwest Territory's Human Rights Commission.  Robertson and Anthony want $23,500 each, for punitive damages and damages for "injury to dignity, feelings and self respect." Robertson also wants $930 for missing work because of the housing situation.  I'm actually disappointed in Robertson and Anthony.  If I were them, I'd also be demanding Goertzen let them host a pride weekend in his backyard.

Goertzen is defending himself and read from the Bible to justify his stupidity (in politics, patriotism is the first refuge of scoundrels.  Religion is a refuge unto itself).  Homosexuality "isn't natural and it's a crime against nature. I can definitely not have a part in it."  "We all die and after that is the judgment."  (Why do people who say this automatically think judgment will be in their favor?!?)  He says he recognizes the supremacy of God over the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. "There's a reason I'm fearful: God is bigger than me and any person on Earth."  He claimed renting to a gay couple would cause "undue hardship" for his business (as opposed to everyone knowing he's a stupid bigot.  Yeah, that's much worse) and he believed the couple would be a negative influence on Anthony's sister and son (survey says..."WHAT THE FUCK?!?").

"It was a terrible feeling of helplessness to see everything unfold and not do anything about it. It was like being in a dream and not being able to scream," Robertson said.  Goertzen responded, "Do you think this has been easy for me? I love you, Mr. Robertson, but I hate the sin you're in."  A ruling is expected this summer.

In one Stress Puppy strip, Raff opined, "Sounds like someone was held down too long when he was baptized."  Holly responds, "Sounds like someone wasn't held down long enough."  As another of my characters once said, "How God puts up with his followers, I'll never know."
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