Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Shenanigans! Shenanigans!

I hereby declare shenanigans on the entire anime fandom, from the otaku on down.

1)  A guy talking about creating a convention for fans of the cartoon series Jem (which has maintained its cult following for over two decades) and was told to hold it in a phone booth, as it should be big enough to accomodate him and other fans.  Nice to know anime fandom has always been bigger than that

2)  Guys who like Shojo anime are perverts, while people discussing intimate relations with jailbait characters are just fans

3)  The whole fandom was borne of piracy, people importing Japanese shows and fansubbing them, a practice which continues to this day (to say nothing of doujinshi or anime music videos, which are a double dunk of piracy), and yet saying that digital rights should be thrown out the window to combat piracy in general

4)  In fact, using piracy as an excuse to justify anything, from rude treatment by convention organizers to outrageous prices for merchandise (“$55 for a Sailor Moon keychain?!?  Are you nuts?!?”) to an anime DVD with only three episodes and no special features

5)  Insisting that Americans can watch anime, but God help them if they try drawing in that style

6)  A juvenile obsession with sexuality, such as (but not limited to) turning the Anime Reactor cosplay show into a strip show, a DVD company including an onscreen “Jiggle Counter” with some titles, drawing favorite female characters in sexual ways when inappropriate (Asuka going from 14 year old tragic figure to total vamp), pornographic cosplay videos, and just the hentai in general (humiliation, tentacles, etc.) and the lolicon/shotocon/toddlercon in particular

7)  Elitism and general assholery, insisting people who watch dubbed anime can’t be real fans, or people who need subtitles instead of learning the language, or spend their GDP on anime and DVD’s, and saying anyone who isn’t a weeaboo is a fraud

8)  Trying to take over Cartoon Network forums for dropping anime shows from the schedule, and attempting to rewrite wikis slamming and potentially slandering CN for doing so, making their search for profitable programming into a personal affront against otaku (thus making sure nobody wants to deal with them as their core audience ever again)

9)  Starting and encouraging OT conversation when you feel it’s fine, but if someone else does and you don’t like the topic, saying they should stay on topic and starting dog piles

10)  Furry Bomb, otakukin, bed sheets with “life-size” images of anime characters on them....

11)  People who don’t live the culture but only read and experience it acting like native residents when they’d be branded as gaijin and run out of town

12)  Insisting that American animation, even when it pushes boundaries like The Simpsons and Wall-E, will never equal even the most generic Japanese anime

13)  Para para is country line dancing for people with no rhythm or social skills

14)  Japanese horror and action movies are envelope pushers, while American films are exploitative and sensationalist

15)  Listening to cosplayers refer to other cosplayers as “freaks”

16)  Complaining shows like “Banzai” are racist, while shows like “The Fuccons” are avante-garde


18)  Buying cliché anime with giant robots or lone fighters, guaranteeing that the more offbeat and diverse Japanese stuff like Ebichu or Android Ana Maico will never be imported because of no perceived market for it.  I mean, how long did it take for someone to finally make an official release of “To Heart” in the US?

19)  As demonstrated by Di Gi Charat and other shows, even anime producers think otaku are unwashed, basement-dwelling nut jobs

20)  Stop making that fucking V sign with your fingers every time someone pulls out a camera

21)  Just because women cosplayers are dressed like $5,000 a night prostitutes, you do NOT have permission to cop a feel

22)  Fan art that is celebrated even though the only thing the artists has true mastery of is the Dodge and Burn tools in Photoshop

23)  They are nice decorations and fan items, but you Wapanese really have no right to ceremonial Japanese swords and display holders.

24)  Not being able to tell when an “amateur” cosplayer in a contest is wearing something professionally made or an artist has recruited other people to pose as them and Wal-Mart their art prints, or being able to tell these things but not doing anything about it

25)  Just because you are fans of Japanese culture does NOT give you the right to start mangling the English language.  That is either racist (saying Asians can't speak English properly) or stupidity (you're a dumbfuck).  And quit ending your sentences with "desu"

26)  The correct form of ninja is both singular and plural.  You're fans of Japanese culture, at least get that much right

Anime fans?  Do you accept these charges of shenanigans?
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