Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

You Will Believe A Man Can Fly

The news and Internet have been abuzz with the prototype for an actual flying car.  Now, for those (like me) who grew up with the promise that the 21st Century would have cities in domes, robots tending to our every need, disease a thing of the past, and flying cars (if this is the future, I got screwed), the reality is kind of a letdown.  Unlike what you saw in The Fifth Element, this is like a plane.  A well engineered plane, but still a plane.  They scored a key exemption from the FAA, and they are moving forward with it.

Now, this may be fun and all, but I've been around waaaaaaaay too many software prototypes and first generation software and how often they crash.  One of the bright sides of my car, the Angry Red Dragon, is that, if the engine goes splat during transit, I simply roll to the side of the road.  If the engine in the flying car during transit -- can you say "lawn dart", boys and girls?

Now, this is exciting, and I know the technology is a long way away from being consumer ready.  But I'm perfectly happy waiting until they are done working the kinks out.
Tags: news, science in action
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