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As The Sketch Turns

At comic conventions, I tend to spend most of my money getting sketches done.  There simply aren't a lot of interesting comics out there.  Usually, I will pick a certain theme for that year's con and get sketches based on that.  One year, it was Bulleta/Baby Bonnie Hood sketches (and I got some BEAUTS!).  Last year was Dresden Files.  So, I'm thinking what kind of sketch theme I'm going to go with this year.  And I think I've figured it out.

Going back a while, to where I did the sketch of Rhapsody from Sound Waves Thor-ified.  The reason is because, as someone pure of motive, Rhapsody would be able to pick up Thor's hammer.  I like the sketch, although my greatest disappointment in it is that I didn't make the outfit sufficiently Rhapsody-like.  The Rhapsody as Green Lantern, I styled the GL uniform like her summer dress, so that was satisfying.

Anyway, so I've decided this year's theme is going to be Thor-ified characters.  The rules are very simple -- take a character who would be able to lift Thor's hammer and draw them as Thor.  Modify their costume or whatever, but show the character as transformed into Thor.  To help provide inspiration and recommendation, I'm trying to come up with a list of characters who would be able to lift Thor's hammer (IIRC, Longshot successfully lifted and threw Thor's hammer once).  So far, the list goes like this:

1)  Strawberry Shortcake.  I think a Thor version of her would be fuckin' funny
2)  Superman.  The Big Blue Boy Scout.
3)  Captain Marvel.  The only bigger Boy Scout than Supes.
4)  Barry Allen.
5)  Mickey Mouse.
6)  Cherry Poptart.  (And yes, I realize I may be a bit ill to have even thought of that one.)
7)  Betty from the Archie comics
8)  Sprite a.k.a. Kitty Pryde before she became Shadowcat
9)  Athena Asamiya from King Of Fighters
10)  Jesus Christ
11)  Santa Claus
12)  Rocky and/or Bullwinkle

Among those with no chance of lifting the hammer:

1)  Batman
2)  Holly Faraday from Stress Puppy (absolutely no fucking way)
3)  Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters (they screw with each other too much)
4)  Hal Jordan
5)  Veronica from the Archie comics

In fact, I think we can be very grateful they can't lift the hammer....
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