Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G


I'm out and about today and sez to myself, I feel like a movie!  I love movies!  I see, like, seventy a year!  Let's go find a movie!

Hey, look!  It's a new animated movie, Despicible Me!  I love animated movies!  Let's go to the movies and see Despicible Me!

I'm there early enough for a matinee showing.  I ask for a ticket to see Despicible Me during a matinee showing at the movies.


Thir.  FUCKING!  Teen!

I have NEVER paid $13 to see a movie in my life!  I didn't pay that to see Iron Man 2 in the evening at this particular theater a scant two months ago!  And this is a matinee showing!  I don't give a shit about the 3D!  This is price gouging!

I'm sorry, but I'm morally offended by the thought of paying that much to see a movie when for two dollars more, I can get a DVD I can watch as often as I want in the convenience of my own home.

So either I find cheaper theaters, I start waiting for the second runs, or I just rent.  I originally made it economical to see so many movies by simply skipping the concession stand.  Now, that's not even saving me.
Tags: art, haven't we suffered enough, infernal gall, wtf
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