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Peter G

Would This Qualify As A Spoiler?

Now, I want to make something clear -- just because I goof on a movie as being bad, I'm not slamming people for liking it.  Just as I'm perplexed how some people find certain things entertaining, I'm sure people will look at my stuff and wonder how I find certain things entertaining ("Plan 9 From Outer Space?  Seriously?").  So, when I bash this movie as being awful, I'm not saying people have no taste for enjoying it, just that I thought the movie was bad.

I mean, Transformers 2 set viewing records.  So SOMEBODY liked it.

So, I've talked a lot of smack about Transformers 2.  And lots of people have talked smack back.  So, as an olive branch of sorts, I have this.  It is a picture taken on the set of Transformers 3.  No one is talking about the script for this installment (believe me, I'm happy to hear that it actually has a script), but I think we can guess what is going to happen.  Take a look at this:


Now, as someone who is not a Transformers fan, the most interesting thing for me in this picture is the yellow newspaper machine on the left.  If you look close, you will see that it bears the logo for the Chicago Reader, one of the best alternative weeklies, period.

So, parts of this may be being shot in Chicago.... for those of you who love Transformers and would love to be a part of this world you love so much, you might want to see if they are looking for extras....
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