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Apple Crust

Apple has been taking it on the chin with media coverage about the iPhone 4 and the lost signal.  People are talking about the design flaw with the antenna placement, meaning people grab it and it wrecks the signal.  Apple maintained first that the bar problem was from a software algorithm.  Hey, it worked twice for Intel, why not Apple?  Then, they insisted there was no design flaw, but they are making special cases to help stave off the "death grip."  Jobs insists that the problem people are discovering is actually pretty common with other cell phones, they're just looking to pick on Apple.

Jobs seems to have a bit of a point, given the hyperbole going around (one blogger compared this to Toyota.  Really?  How many iPhones have resulted in traffic accidents due to their flawed design?  If anything, losing a signal in traffic would be one of the best things that could happen).  The question is, is he right?

I'm no fan of Apple, but I have to say, I think he IS right.

Losing bars happens with my phone all the time.  I had an el cheapo cell phone and a Nokia N-Gage.  I could take both outside and see the signal strength go from max to 0 by simply turning 90 degrees.  My current cell phone is 3G.  It hasn't lost signal like the others, but I will see significant bar loss and the voice will break up depending on position, especially if I set it to speakerphone and set it on a tabletop.  Personal experience suggests, yes, Jobs may be right.

Nokia has jumped on the bandwagon.  Their blog goes like this:

"How do you hold your Nokia?” posting.

Of course, feel free to ignore all of the above because realistically, you’re free to hold your Nokia device any way you like. And you won’t suffer any signal loss. Cool, huh?


Users with Microcells state that they need to give their phones a hard reset once a day. Samsung Vibrant and Captivate phones also suffer from "death grip", and that has been known for a while.  Not a peep about them, but everyone is dogpiling on Apple.

I'm not exactly a fan of Apple.  I mean, I prefer them to Micro$oft, but then again, I'd prefer giving Darl McBride a rusty trombone to Micro$oft.  But my feelings for Apple are immaterial.  The fact is, Apple is getting a bum rap from this, and the only explanation is, it's because their Apple.

If you want to hate, then hate.  But hate for a good reason.  Apple has done nothing to warrant the treatment they are getting.  I don't like Apple, so I'm content to just leave them alone and focus on my Linux machines.  I'm not trying to launch a smear campaign because of it.

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