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It Comes Out Of One Can And Goes In Another -- The Trash

Travis L. Wright, 47, is an entrepreneur and the head of Waterford Funding.  According to the Federal Securities And Exchange Commission, he started raising capital for real estate investments.  $145 mil, to be exact.  And he promised a return of up to 24% on real estate investments.

Well, technically, he is keeping that promise.  Because the money didn't go to real estate.  He invested in Mark Kirkland's Mark One Foods, which patented the idea to make this....

Folks, take it from a Japanophile -- this isn't the strangest thing to come out of a soft drink can.  Or even the most solid.

Rest assured, this isn't a drink like that nasty smelling "Turkey And Gravy" Jones Soda (thank God I can't drink soda!).  It is an actual sandwich, but instead of a paper wrapper, it's in a can.  This guy also allegedly spent the money developing French Toast In A Can and Pepperoni Pizza Pocket.  (I know, a patent for putting a sandwich in a can?  I made fun of McDonald's for trying to patent making a sandwich, and I'm making fun of this.)  Investors got suspicious when the phone lines to Waterford Funding were disconnected.

Now, the SEC is filing a lawsuit.  This guy may be going in the can himself.
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