Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Have A Drink On Me

My post about Candwiches prompted mongrelheart to declare, "This is a clear sign of the apocalypse."

Oh, you poor, misguided child.  Allow me to introduce you to real horror.

As I mentioned, I'm a Japanophile.  So I was well aware of some of these things before I found the web site Crazy Asian Drinks.  If you're a fan of snarky humor and want to know how lucky we are with watered down beer and Zima, then check out of some of the great entries like the legendary Pocari Sweat, Young Coconut Juice With Jelly, Grass Jelly Drink (yes, it looks like gelatin), and the infamous Ramune Drink, with a bottle that makes breaking into Fort Knox look like popping down to the C store.  Mongrelheart, this one's on me....

Oh, and because no discussion of crazy Asian drinks is complete without including this picture --

Tags: haven't we suffered enough, wtf
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