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Hey, b briarwood! Watcha Doin' Mid-August?

During our days playing Pokemon against each other, b_briarwood  mentioned that she was into Trek, and Brent Spiner in particular.  She had a cassette of his called "Old Yellow Eyes Is Back" and basically squee'd over the guy.  Since then, she's become a Ringer.

I'm about to regress her.

Wizard World Chicago is going Trek.  Brent Spiner is going to be there, signing autographs and stuff.

When I say they are going Trek, I'm not kidding.  The list includes:

William Shatner
Patrick Stewart
Brent Spiner
Avery Brooks (I'm actually more interested in his Spencer:  For Hire days)
Walter Koenig (it is really weird hearing him on B5 without the accent)
John de Lancie (from Legend and Days Of Our Lives)
Daniel Stewart
Bobby Clark (the Gorn captain)
Natalija Nogulich
John Savage
Malachi Throne

Still no The Bruce.  Still no Helen Slater.
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