Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Now Identified Fly Object?

Earlier, I mentioned the Chinese UFO and how I was wondering what the explanation was?  Not helping is how the Chinese government is already paranoid about its secrets.  Would the truth ever be known?


Say hello to Geoffrey Forden.  Forden is from MIT and he's a weapons expert.  He decided to examine the videos and pics.  He threw out ones that were shopped.  What was left, he has come to a firm conclusion.

The UFO is likely a DF-21 Chinese ballistic missile.  His examinations conclude it was fired from around Jiuquan with a trajectory for the eastern Gobi Desert.

Hmm...missile launch...nearby airport closed down until coast is fits.

So, not exactly a fake.  Just not what everyone thought it was.  Science marches on.
Tags: news, science in action
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