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"Every Sperm Is Saaaaaaacred...."

Recently, the Pope took a trip to Africa.  He was saying that Africans should not use condoms to stop the spread of disease.  Many normal people, like me, felt the Pope was talking stupid.  Now, the Catholic Church is saying that critics are trying to intimidate the Pope into silence.

Now, I have left the church and am an independently practicing Christian, but I was raised Catholic.  Chances are, if I hadn't told the church to suck mud, they'd be doing the whole bell, book, and candle thing with me by now.  And no, the reference in Stress Puppy is not made up, I really did dump flour in the church pipe organ (I was doing it 4 TEH LULZ before the phrase ever existed).  I get the feeling that me leaving the Catholic Church was not so much defiance on my part but a mutually acceptable outcome for all parties involved.

So I look at the church and the backwards mania they approach human sexuality with the level of disbelief I usually reserve for Scientologists or playing Big Rig Racing (holy fuck, that game is the worst I have ever played, shit goddamn).  This is the same Catholic church that, last June, started a web site called "The Pill Kills," trying to equate contraception with abortion.  Those of you who feel hammering the church over its opposition to gay marriage shouldn't involve you, here's proof that it should -- the church is out to control you, and they will do it one way or the other.  Just because you aren't gay doesn't mean the church will leave you alone.

The fact is, pretending sex doesn't exist does not keep it from happening.  As saddlebacking demonstrates, people want to have sex, and if splitting hairs is how to do it, they will do so.  Teen pregnancies shot up under Bush Jr and his abstinence only sex education programs in schools.  The kids are going to do it.  And nobody is willing to acknowledge that fact.

It's touching that the church has so much faith that they can stop extramarital sex.  But they should realize that their faith does have its limits.  The Vatican has lightning rods, and the Pope rides around in that plastic bubble.  They don't want to admit the Real World is intruding here.


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May. 1st, 2009 04:42 am (UTC)
Actually, the Vatican installed the lightning rods out of fear that I would one day visit to look at the art.
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