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I'm Going A-Courtin'....

As longtime readers know, I don’t trust either of the major political parties.  I have stated that D’s and R’s will sell their own mothers to a Bolivian brothel if the price is right.  Actually, I don’t trust any political party.  That goes double for my fellow Libertarians.  Libertarians have a nasty tendency to let their outrage get in the way and blind them to when they are being used, making them just a step above NIMBY’s.  Get them worked up enough, and they will become servants of the very politicians they organized themselves to fight.  When you declare yourself a martyr to the Constitution, I frankly expect better of you.

I want to take a moment to address everyone, however.  D’s, R’s, L’s, tea partiers, all my fellow Americans.  See, something interesting happened today, and it does not bode well for us.

Today, in a move that surprised approximately no one (especially me), a Federal judge, Susan Bolton, put a freeze on key portions of Arizona’s immigration law.  The portions she blocked?  Empowering officers to check immigration status while enforcing other laws (I’m guessing it’s not requiring them to do so, but empowering.  Otherwise, why couldn't they do that now?), requiring immigrants to carry their papers at all times, no undocumented workers soliciting employment in public places (day laborers), and officers making warrantless arrests of suspected illegal immigrants.  Everything else, which basically amounts to tightening the bolts on an existing immigration law from 2001, is okay.

Which means, it’s going to be years before this is resolved.  I mean, I knew from the beginning this was going to be challenged on Constitutional grounds.  And it definitely will be appealed to the Supreme Court, where states’ rights is a legal crapshoot.  The Supes have shown a tendency to rule in favor of the fed vs. states in regards to the 10th Amendment over the past, oh, fifty years.  That’s why I’m not bothering with any outrage.  It’ll be a long time before this is resolved, and I’d rather not waste my energy until it is known exactly what the results will be.

(For those interested, my guesses on the big four above?  I’m pretty sure warrantless arrests will be tossed, since you need a warrant to enter premises and so on, so shooting that down is a gimme under the rules for search and seizure.  4th Amendment trumps the 10th.  No undocumented workers soliciting work?  That will likely get tossed on the grounds that enforcement of current law will be enough to do that.  Carrying papers for immigrants?  Probably struck down on grounds that ID should be good enough, so a check of your driver’s license should be enough to verify status so you shouldn’t need papers (and will probably get a new state law requiring citizenship for a DL).  The big first one, authorizing police who have already detained you to check you out?  …no idea…)

So, if this is not triggering my “whut?” reaction, what is?  It’s this….

Obamacare passed four months before the Arizona law did.  By that weekend, states were filing lawsuits on Constitutional grounds challenging Obamacare on Constitutional grounds.

Not a peep from anyone, the courts, the AG’s, anyone.  The cases have not moved an inch forward.

Almost like…it’s being used as an election stunt.

Now, support or oppose these things, that’s up to you.  I have my opinion, you have yours, and we are allowing each other to think the way we wish.  But make no mistake – these lawsuits are meant to stir us up come election day, it has nothing to do with protecting the Constitution and/or defending the republic.

Do not let your outrage blind you.  The politicians realize the voters are angry and are trying to put us back in chains and control us.  Watch the court, protest laws, start petitions, whatever.  But don’t trust that they have our best interests at heart.  They have their own.  Big big difference.  It is up to us to do what is right.
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