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One Down, Six To Go....

I'm out this morning, and I run into one of my test subjects for Project X.

She was getting her hair done last weekend.  And, as usually happens in beauty shops, everyone was talking amongst themselves.

She started telling them about Project X and some of the stories and the mythology and such.

EVERYONE wanted to know where they could get a copy.

Folks, everyone with artistic ambition wants to make that special thing.  Some creation that transcends.  Something that isn't just enjoyed while the art is being consumed, but will resonate afterwards.  From the works of Monet to the Star Wars movies, everyone dreams of making that Big Thing.

When I started writing, I wanted to make the Big Thing.  But success was elusive, and no one thought any of my Big Things were actually Big Things (to be fair, they had points.  I mean, I look at some of my early stuff and wonder what I thought I was accomplishing).  So I focused on getting good and enjoying what I did.  It took something rare to make a Big Thing.  Otherwise, everyone would be doing it.

Now, I'm sitting here, and wondering if, my God, am I actually making a Big Thing right now?  Could this be that art that goes beyond the moment?

Am I actually capable of doing it?

I think I'll be finding out sooner than I ever expected.  It's nerve racking.  I mean, when you put so much work, effort, and love into a project, and it doesn't go can tell yourself all you want you aren't a failure.  But the disappointment will never go away.  But hiding Project X away to protect it isn't an option.  I want this to get out there.  I want to see how people react.  I want to see what is going to happen.

But first, I need to finish that next batch of seven stories.  I got one done last night.  Next!
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