Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Will The Mystery Guests Sign In Please?

So, I get sent a meme that struck me as loaded.  "Put your pictures of your ten favorite characters here.  If someone can guess 80% of them, they're your friend!  If not...well...."

It's loaded because, given sufficient trivia knowledge, you can identity a fair cross section.  Either that, or it would be completely obscure.  Still, let's ignore the "friendship test" of things.  I'm going to list ten of my favorite characters (ones I did NOT create.  Holly Faraday and Rhapsody will not be seen here) and see who can guess who they are.  Obviously, this is not a true top 10, just what occurs to me right now.  Some are obvious, some may not be.  Ready?  Go!

Tags: art
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