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The Doctor Is In...Out...In...Out....

So, I've already screwed with mornblade  on the subject of Doctor Who.

Strap on your helmet, I'm about to do it again.

Steven Moffat, the producer and head writer for the show, just gave a talk at the Edinburgh TV Festival.  He made a little announcement that was not a slip of the tongue, as it was accompanied by a BBC press release.

"What this show needs is a big event in the middle. We do 13 episodes, which is two series worth, so this year we’re going to make it two series. It will come back for seven episodes at Easter, build to an Earth-shattering climax” and that this is “honestly, a gamechanging event for Amy, The Doctor and Rory."

* scribble scribble scribble * Interesting.  Anything else to add?

From the BBC press release -- "The split series is hugely exciting because viewers will be treated to two premieres, two finales and more event episodes. For the kids it will never be more than a few months to the next Doctor Who! Easter, Autumn, Christmas!!"

Of course, it will drive certain adults nuts, too.

Oh, and one more thing, brother -- the teaser for this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special shows Amy saying “time can be re-written” and the Doctor saying he’s “the ghost of Christmas past."

Have a nice day!   Mwuhahahaha!
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