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Five of the six required penciled and inked pages are done.  I'm thinking of going for seven for some extra effort.  The submission guidelines say more than six is fine, but in the same paragraph, it emphasizes the best six.  So I'm going to get a seventh page done and decide which six work best.

Scripts?  16 pages of #4 are done.  Scriptwise, just about in the can.

After this comes scanning, lettering, and coloring.

Need to do the first issue cover.  I'm thinking some extra concept art would help.  I only have two pieces done just to keep me on model as I draw.  Once again, if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing.

If you're wondering what I'm working on, give me a little more time.  Once I get the pitch package together, I'll be posting the pages here so everyone can check them out.

No one can say I'm not giving this my all.

Oh, and to the guy who PM'ed me, No.  Quantum Redshift does not have mermaids.  Fuckin' smartass....
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