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Status Check

No progress on the final script for Quantum Redshift.

Got another page of art done, though.  This page actually gives me a hint of how interesting the next page will be.

Here's the thing -- obviously, I can't ink like a regular comic book artist.  My mind cannot process the whole thing with using line weights to add definition.  I tried inking based on tips over a drawing of Alice Ip that I did, and it looks horrendous (no, I will not post it.  Barring unusual circumstances, no one except me is ever going to see it.  In fact, I'm not sure why I don't just toss it in the trash.  Or, burn it to ashes then burn the ashes).

The inking technique that I used in Head Above Water was to use line weights to pull focus, making some elements of the scene less noticable and important while emphasizing others.  For Sound Waves, there isn't much need for that.  I think it confines the reader's attention and makes the energy and flow of the scenes seem artificial.  But for this page, I used it a little (not much, but a little), and I really like the effect.  Next page, I'm going to use it to "pepper" the scene a little, and I think this could really work.  We'll see.

Well, off to bed.  Tomorrow is going to be busy.  Again....
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