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The "Wow!" Really Starts Now!

The curtain has been pulled aside on one of the new top secret features of Windows 7.  Even if you are not so computer savvy, follow along, this one's worth it.

Windows 7 is just warmed over Fista.  That's it, the changes in the code base are trivial.  However, there is a new feature, VXP, or Virtual XP.  It basically sets aside part of the computer's memory to run a Windows XP emulator for programs not compatible with Fista/7, providing desktop links and everything.  As one of the Grokbots put it, "This basically means that Windows is incompatible with Windows."

What does this mean for developers?  I don't imagine much, since M$ is still trying to force-phase out XP in favor of the new code base in Fista, so this is probably to keep people with legacy software from jumping to Linux and running under Wine.  However, here's the question:

Since it will take system resources to basically run two OS'es, why not just revert to XP and run a single OS?  Oh...because then, you won't have an excuse to buy a whole new Win OS and shell out for new hardware just to run it.

They say, "Never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity."  I would like to point out that those terms are not mutually exclusive.


May. 1st, 2009 10:55 am (UTC)
I'll tell you exactly why they can't support XP -- they are actually losing money on it. One of the things that has been revealed is that, when it comes to netbooks, they are actually selling XP to the OEM's BELOW COST. This is the reason for the XP "upgrade" that Dell and them do -- you are still paying for the more expensive, profit-turning Fista before getting the money-losing XP, as opposed to just the money losing XP and them not getting anything to cushion the blow.

Like I said about Kylie, my IBM S10 that came with XP -- M$ subsidized the machine and made it more affordable, enabling me to put Linux on it. They're welcome.

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