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One of the bright sides to entering the final lap for the Quantum Redshift pitch package is I can get back to commenting on random bullshit happening in the world around me.  You may have noticed, I usually post a LOT more than I have the past couple of weeks.  I was planning to catch up on some stuff, like Paul Allen Vs. The Universe, this weekend.  So, priorities.  What is immediately on my mind that I want to talk about?

Today, it's the mass media and how they are trying to figure out which master they serve.

The popular media exists to victimize and exploit the audience.  They aren't interested in reporting facts and informing people (to be fair, a lot of people just don't care, but still).  They create things to get viewers and gain sway over the public, to control opinion and trends.  They box people up so that marketers have them ready to buy.

As longtime readers know, I have long been of the opinion that the popular media was doing everything they could to help Obama get elected, whether because it was a better story or they agreed with his policies or whatever (I will freely admit I don't recall all the details that I felt supported my conclusion, I just recall the general fawning over Obama and the downplaying of certain details, like how Obama claimed he wanted a transparent government but it was through leaked documents that the US involvement in ACTA came about.  Just saying I expect my opinion to have a lot of detractors, and I'm not sure I can mount a credible counterargument.  I'm not going to pull a Glenn Beck and insist my opinion be treated as fact based on my personal faith alone).  Yes, I'm indicting Faux News, too.  They claim to be on the opposite side of Obama, but they didn't even mention his flipflop on public contributions during his campaign until a few days before the election.  They knew then that Obama's election would be good for their ratings, and they were right.  And don't forget, I also believe the R's threw McCain under the train and one of the reasons was they were confident Obama's policies would alienate enough people that they could run away with the next elections.  Now, the news media is trying to figure out do they continue to spin for Obama, for the R's that are looking to take over the legislative branch, or the indie voters/tea parties that are flexing their muscles.

Obama got his bailouts and financial reforms and Obamacare passed using an old
 Chicago political ploy.  It's tribal politics.  It's deceptively simple.  You make voters organize themselves into easily manageable chunks.  In Chicago, Daley has a Hispanic patronage army and a black voting block guided by Jesse Jackson and a Polish voting block (which, I might note, is consistently screwed over) and so on.  The people of Chicago tend to include and exclude along racial lines, and the Machine takes full advantage of this.  The promise is that everyone will get a slice of the pie in good time, and those who get it keep the details of their slice like the size to themselves.

Obama's election did that exact thing, but on a national scale.  Voters wanted positive change and to see the country go in a good direction.  They organized themselves into manageable blocks.  In other words, Obama victimized a bunch of good people.  And the results?  Obama sold everyone on policies like bailouts and financial reform and health care that only propagate protected markets of companies with either plenty of money or spending their money foolishly instead of supporting SMB's where real innovation and progress are made and the owners are on thinner ice in a rough economy.

Obama has long insisted that time would vindicate his policies.  It has been his way of whistling past the graveyard.  For example, health benefits will no longer be removed pretax, you get taxed on them, and health costs are already going up so that the insurance companies can maintain their profice margins.  (Part of the lobbying for Obamacare came from unions concerned that they would be screwed if they took better benefits packages instead of higher pay.  They got that part rewritten, but they're going to be paying for those fancy benefits in another way.)  And don't forget, this year, the tax breaks Shrub signed to stimulate the economy go away.  I'm not expecting a very big return this year.  I'm frankly afraid that current government policies are going to create a permanent economic underclass that exists to prop up a few big businesses.

On the one hand, the media is still sucking up to the Obama crowd.  On the other, they are also trying to sway the tea partiers.  The recent defeat of a sitting Senator in the Alaskan primary brought reports about how it proves the power of the tea parties and Sarah Palin.  Uh, Palin has endorsed candidates that tea partiers defeated (Arkansas), and she has endorsed candidates that survived them.  Also, tea partiers have already defeated one sitting Senator, in Utah, and you said it was proof then.  Then there were reports of candidates who faired well against the tea partiers, proudly declaring the Establishment was safe.  Which is the third group the media is courting, the old time Establishment R's.  Reading the news is like watching a weather vane in a hurricane - it isn't predicting where the wind is blow from at that moment, and is spinning wildly in defiance of its irrelevance.

And not helping is the public trying to be defiant without understanding why.  I don't like Obama because I disagree with his policies and methods.  Other people don't like him because they think he's Muslim (HE'S NOT, GODDAMMIT!).  Opposing on principle means you need to have your facts straight, and this religious bullshit is a lie!

The people on the left are fighting a revolution against people they think are heartless, racist bastards.  The people on the right are fighting a revolution against people that they think are willfully ignorant and arrogant.  And those of us seeking reason are just hoping things work out.

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