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Well, as promised, here's the sketches from the Wizard World Chicago Con.  Well, more or less.  There is one notable deviation, which I will get to anon.

Okay, first of all, a sketch of Rhapsody by Franchesco!, close friend and fan of Sound Waves.  He was a little disappointed that I didn't ask for a sketch of Melody.  I told him, next time.  After this, I definitely want to see what he does with Melody.  I note with considerable pride that Franchesco! doesn't ink his pieces.  But because of all the blacks I use in my art, and just how the sketch was turning out, he did it this time.  This is easily my favorite sketch of Rhapsody ever, and ranks right up there with Susan van Camp's sketch of Holly from Stress Puppy.

Next up, we have a little friendly icon-type sketch set made by Jamie Lano.  Lano is an ex-pat, living in Japan and working as a real manga-ka (she's worked on Prince Of Tennis).  So here's Rhapsody and Melody as done by a real manga-ka.

As I mentioned, I chatted with Dan Parent, longtime Archie artist, for a while.  Here's his takes on my characters.

And here we go, Scott Rosema.  Rosema just loved my books, and he was excited about drawing my characters.  First, here's Rhapsody.

I love how he drew Rhapsody thinking. I wanted Rhapsody to be smart, and the fact that he picked up on that and made that the subject for a sketch of the character really makes me feel good.  It means I'm depicting her the way I mean to.

And, of course, gotta have her swim buddy.  Here's Melody.

All in all, a very swell batch.  Hopefully, next year yields more sketches than these few.
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