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Everybody? Meet Rose Yeager, Star Of "Quantum Redshift"

This is it!  The moment you've been waiting for!  Or maybe not....

So, I have the pages ready to go.  I'm currently writing up the synopsis for the pitch package.  I'm going to spend the weekend doing some extra concept art, and then it goes to Ape on Monday.  Wish me luck.

So, Peter, what exactly have you been up to?  What is Quantum Redshift?  Well, click under the cut for not only the basic storyline, but also seven pages of completed art to see what I have in mind.

Quantum Redshift is a four issue mini that follows a girl named Rose Yeager.  Rose loves comic books and has heroic impulses, but no real means to act on them.  After all, as her best friend, Bridgett Delfer, points out, "You're just a normal girl."

One day, Rose discovers she has super powers.  She has no idea how she got them, she has no idea where they came from.  But she can turn into a costumed superhero called Quantum Redshift.  Everything is taken care of -- she doesn't appear on camera, she can't be tracked, her identity is completely safe.  Only Bridgett knows Rose is Quantum Redshift, and neither of them can understand why.

While trying to figure out what exactly her powers are, Rose enlists the help of Bridgett's older brother, another comic book nut.  And he makes a chilling observation -- Quantum Redshift's powers are oddly particular, with no real rhyme or reason behind them.  "You weren't given these powers so you could rescue kittens from trees.  You were given them for a specific reason."  Rose realizes something very very bad is coming, and it's going to fall to her to stop whatever it is.

The series doesn't focus on tales of derring-do like typical superhero comics.  It follows a comic book fan whose initial thrill gets tempered when she realizes it isn't for fun, and she has to hold on to her courage of a hero.  She not only has to overcome her enemy, but also her fears.  Over the course, the threat and how Rose came to be Quantum Redshift are revealed.

I had a lot of fun designing Rose's civvies.  As she is a comic book fan with a heroic adventure streak, I came up with an outfit that would be roughly analogous.  She wears high tops (sort of like boots) and typically ties her sweater around her neck like a cape (she wears the sweater normally when she's really upset, like the start of #3).

And now, here's some art for you.  First, a mock-up of the cover.  I'm still looking over my fonts to decide what I'm going to use.  The title, obviously, goes at the top.  Right above Rose's head and to the left of Quantum Redshift's head, it will say, "Be careful what you wish may get it."

And here's seven sequential pages from the first issue.  I think it really sums up Rose's personality, such as still watching out for her friend.  At this point, Rose has been given her superpowers, but she doesn't realize it yet (they manifested in the middle of the night.  She woke up, then went back to sleep thinking, "I have got to stop reading comic books before bed.")  Rose and Bridgett are in the city, Rose having hit the comic shop on New Comic Day.  Some squad cars go streaking by, and they dash after them to see what is going on.  And the results are this:

See?  No mermaids.  Nyaaaaaaah.
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