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No Burnt Sacrifices, Thank You -- Next Public Appearance Next Weekend In Carol Stream, IL at CECE!

Well, folks, I'll be at the Chicagoland Entertainment Collectors Expo next weekend at the Holiday Inn in Carol Stream, IL.  It runs from the 9th to the 12th.  The 9th is preview night, from 10PM to 12AM.  I don't have that in me anymore, but I will be there for Friday through Sunday.

What goodies will you find at Peter G's table?  The usual haul.  Copies of Cloudburst and a couple of leftover Lightning Strike games.  I'll have some complete runs of Head Above Water, all five issues, $5 each, and all six issues of Sound Waves, $4 each.  The Stress Puppy graphic novel, The Rise Of Holly, for $10.  Plus, there is the collectible card set.  Signatures on the cards are to raise money for charity.  There will be a Sound Waves card this year for my piece, "Good Hair Day".

And what if you don't want to spend your disposable income at the table of your friendly neighborhood mangaka?  Well, lots of other fun folks will be there.  On the comic side, Connie Persampieri, ace fantasy artist and Russell Lissau, writer of several great stories in DC's Johnny DC line-up.  I run into them a lot, it seems.  Also there will be Dave Dorman, fantasy artist best known for his Star Wars work.  Dungeons And Dragons and Dragonlance artist Larry Elmore will be there, too (hey, Mornblade?  Still got that first edition D&D rulebook?).  Chris Achilleos, veteran of Conan books and Heavy Metal, will be there.   Another Conan veteran, Ken Kelly, will be there.  Shirley Eaton, the woman killed with gold paint in Goldfinger, will be there (so, contrary to the legend, she is very much alive).  There's actually quite a few Bond girls there.  Tanya Roberts, Martine Beswick, and Caroline Munro will be there.  Munro is the one I'm most interested in.  She's a veteran of Hammer Horror (in fact, she was the only actress to be a contract player for the studio).  I saw her in Star Crash, one of those legendary lousy Italian knockoffs, along with Christopher Plummer and a pre-Knight Rider David Hasselhoff (did you know Hasselhoff has maintained the same hair for over thirty years?), and I still have a crush on her.  Some Star Wars folks will be there, including Bonnie Piesse and Margo Apostolos.  Marie Wallace will also be there.  She's a veteran from Dark Shadows, so she can show those pasty-faced whiners from Twilight what real sexy and threatening vampires are like.  Erin Moran (Happy Days) will be there.  And a fellow by the name of Ari Lehman.  He was the original Jason in the first Friday The 13th.  I met him at a horror convention, the guy's a hoot.  And, if the gloom and doom gets too much, you can always hang with Caroll Spinney.  He's the puppeteer for Big Bird and Oscar The Grouch.

So come by, say hi, buy my crap, and be neighborly.  See you then!
Tags: art, cloudburst, comic books, comics, head above water, shameless whoring, sound waves, stress puppy
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