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Hey, folks!  Do you have low self-esteem and poor taste in women?  Well, if you can answer "yes" to both of those qualifiers, Nokia has a proposal for YOU!

Nokia is getting ready to launch a new phone, the N8.  It comes with a built-in high def camera.  And Nokia wants to show off what the high def camera can do.  So, they are going to shoot a short film called The Commuter.  And they are having a contest where the "lucky" winner gets to star in a "bedroom scene" with Pamela Anderson.


Considering how she's been looking lately, I'm not sure Pamela Anderson in high def is the treat they're saying it is.

You would think Paris Hilton would be up for this, but given what happened the last time she took a camera in the bedroom, maybe she's playing it smart for once.

A "bedroom scene."  That is all they are saying, no further descriptor is available.  So it's entirely possible (in fact, almost certain) that the scene isn't going to be the kind of thing Vivid does.

These are the publicity images.  Photoshop is amazing, isn't it?

John Nicols is the head of marketing at Nokia UK, and he said, "We wanted to create something very special for the launch of the Nokia N8 that showcases the Hollywood quality of its camera."  Pamela Anderson.  Short scene.  Cell phone camera.  This must be the New Hollywood everyone keeps telling me about.

If Pamela Anderson isn't to your bag ( * insert Jack Benny-style pause here * ), you have an alternative.  They are also offering an elevator scene with Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl.  I don't care if I'm straight, if those are my only options, I'm taking that one.

The detes for the contest are at and

We go to DEFCON RED!
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