Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Any Chance Of A Blake's 7 Game?

I am a very happy Nintendo Wii owner.  mornblade  isn't as big a video game nut and is not as impressed with the Wii as I am.

For now.

A deal has just been signed to bring out Doctor Who games, one for the Wii, one for the Nintendo DS.  Hey, Mornblade!  Didja know the DS does not have a country lockout code?  So you can import the game from Britain and play it in the US?  The Wii has a lockout code, but I'm watching to see if a US release is announced.

Oh, and here's one more little thing to drive you nuts, a special edition Wii controller.  Mornblade, this one's on me....

Tags: video games
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