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Sometimes They Fool You By Walking Upright

Constitutional opportunist Bill Maher continues to validate my raging hatred of him.

First, the Republicans attempt to kneecap Christine O'Donnell's campaign (First, they throw McCain under the bus, and now a bunch of Tea Partiers.  And then that asshole on the phone wondered why I refused to donate to their campaign fund).  Then, Karl Rove missed the memo saying they are to back O'Donnell and continued to talk about how she has no chance.  Now, Bill Maher is getting in on the act.  He apparently has dug up footage of O'Donnell from his talk show in 1999 where she said she "dabbled in witchcraft."

So fucking what?!?

I know pagans.  Thanks to the whole, "First do no harm," thing, they are a lot less likely to bug me about my religious beliefs than my fellow Christians.  She's not doing anything stupid like the $cientologists.  More importantly, she said she "dabbled", and that was over ten years ago.  Maybe she gave it a whirl and found it wasn't for her.  Her religious beliefs are personal, and have nothing to do with how she would govern.  She could say she worships the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and as long as she upholds the will of the people, I'd think she's kookie, but I wouldn't care.

Maher is bringing up information with no relavent context.  And why?  For a guy who slams organized religion as much as he does, this little tidbit does nothing more than inflame the very organized religion he blames for the sorry state of the modern world, many of whom would be O'Donnell's own supporters.  This isn't someone posting a YouTube video, Maher was mining a show from over a decade ago, and he's playing off the very attitudes he claims are so negative.

When it comes to wrapping himself in the Constitution, Maher is almost in a class with Washington politicians.  I'd like to see him run, just so he can experience the shit he dishes out from the safety of his isolation.
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