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Sometimes We Don't Even Know What We're Fighting For, And We're Marching To The Beat Of Their Drum

Word shot around before the end of work today -- the Senate has killed repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Before I get to my other points, I want to say I'm not commenting on this particular aspect because I'm confused by something.  The news reports say gay would be able to serve openly in the armed forces.  But they also say it's a repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Which is it?

If it was allowing gays to serve openly, I'm all for it.  But simply repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell is bullshit.  The armed forces still drum out gays.  Don't Ask Don't Tell did absolutely nothing but make it seem like politicians were advancing a new agenda.  In actuality, it was the exact same policy already in place, just with a new coat of paint.  As such, simply repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell is wasted effort and intended to make politicians look great without allowing gays to serve openly.  They are trying to have it both ways -- look progressive without sanctioning homosexuality.

Why did the bill die?  Because it was engineered to.  The repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell wasn't part of the bill, a military spending boost.  Not only was this tacked on, but so was a way to allow the children of illegal immigrants who graduate to become US citizens.  Harry Reid made a cynical ploy, voting against the bill.  If he votes against it, he can reintroduce the bill later.  Nice.  R's are complaining they only had one chance to come up with counter proposals.  D's are blaming the R's, despite the fact that they managed to get the sixty votes along party lines to pass ObamaCare.  They couldn't come up with it for this?  That's suspicious.

The bill is intended to keep the voting populous worked up.  The R's are intolerant against gays and illegal immigrants.  The D's are trying to sneak riders in that are unpopular with the American people.  It doesn't matter if the accusations are true or not, what matters is making the voters believe the accusations are true.  With Tea Partiers that aren't afraid to talk and mix it up poised to establish a beachhead in Congress, exposing more of the deals that shaft and victimize citizens, they are desperate to keep the door locked shut.  Even the news media is finally acknowledging voter anger.  It can't be ignored anymore, so they are trying to force it down.

The bill today had nothing to do with doing the right thing.  It was all about making headlines to polarize voters and keep their fragile grip on being the ruling class.  Don't get distracted by this.  The politicians know we are paying attention now.  They are scared.  This is our chance to have a truly representative government.  Don't read the headlines, read between the lines.  The people are winning....
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