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And Another One's Gone, And Another One's Gone, Another One Bites The Dust

Here's the fact -- racism is alive and well in this country.  However, the word "racism" means any sort of race based hatred.  This is important to remember.

Lots of people are surprised to find out that not only does racism still exist, but some forms are accepted and even encouraged.  When OJ Simpson's trial started, I read a couple of editorials saying he deserved to fry because he married a white woman (these same people reversed and called Simpson's acquittal justice later on.  Go fig).  During the last presidential election, a black woman interviewed on TV stated she was voting for Obama "because he's black, and I'm not ashamed to say it."  Yeah, let's see someone admit they voted for McCain because he was white.  He'd be running for his life.  This isn't to say whites aren't capable of racial stupidity, just that one group is under constant surveillance for any perceived offense and the other gets a pass.

I bring this up because the Chicago mayor race just lost one of its candidates, and its a big one.  US Rep Jesse Jackson Jr. was considering coming back to Chicago and running.  He had meetings with Rahm Emanuel and said they'd agreed to a civil campaign against each other.  Jackson's wife, Sandi, is an alderman for the 7th ward in Chicago who was also considering if she should run for mayor (a reporter joked that Sandi's staff should book her a trip to the 7th ward so she would at least know what it looked like).  Jackson Jr. was starting to gear things up, creating a classic tribal politics face off between Tom Dart (white), Rahm Emanuel (Hispanic), and him (black), all Combine-connected politicians, freezing out people like Meeks.

At this point, I would like to remind you of the tagline for my comic series Quantum Redshift -- be careful what you wish for, you may get it.

Attorney General Patrick Fitzgerald is my man.  Blagojevich is the only person to slip through his fingers, and he's retooling that case so it doesn't happen again.  There have been rumblings about Jackson Jr. caught up in some questionable deals with Blago.  Jackson Jr. challenged everyone to cough something up.

Tuesday, Chicago Sun Times.  Front page article about Jackson Jr. and his connection to some Indian Americans.  The Indians allegedly offered to raise millions for then-gov Blagojevich, offering in the neighborhood of $6 mil.  In exchange, he would nominate Jackson Jr. for the open Senate seat from when Obama became President.

Now, this isn't the part that has people up in arms.  That's just standard political dealing.  What is really interesting is the pictures.  They feature a blonde-haired woman who had allegedly flown into Chicago twice by Raghuveer Nayak, a businessman from Oak Brook running Chicago-area surgery centers and one of the men from from the meeting, at Jackson Jr.'s request.  She was described as a "social acquaintance", working as a hostess at a restaurant where Jackson Jr. has dropped $31,500 of his campaign funds for fundraisers and meetings.  And she and Jackson Jr. were not discussing politics.  Nayak coughed all this, from the fundraising to the Washington restaurant hostess, up to the feds.

Jackson Jr. has been trying to spin this without admitting any wrong (he's apologized for letting down his supporters, but isn't owning up to anything else).  But black women are angry about this white woman thing.  Enough that the corridors of power are declaring Jackson Jr.'s candidacy for mayor dead in the water, and uncertain if he will remain a rep.

What does it say when the dead people are the only ones in Illinois who cast sensible votes?
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