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Add Your Voice, The Chant Has Begun

When TomTom and M$ settled their patent dispute, FOSSers like myself screamed in rage.  M$ continues to have that stupid FAT patent to threaten people with.  On the one hand, it's up to TomTom whether or not to fight, no matter how much we're itching to see this thing struck down.  But the terms of the settlement blew.  TomTom is asking us to trust them that the settlement doesn't violate the GPL.  However, the terms of the settlement are hushed up by an NDA.

So, we are being asked to trust a company that a secret agreement with M$ doesn't sell us out.

I've heard THAT before.

When the settlement was made, the Open Invention Network and Red Hat told us, "Don't worry, this isn't over yet."  We weren't sure how they would know.

Now, we do.

OIN and Red Hat are spearheading an effort to get the patent revoked.  The speed with which the patent office review will happen, as well as how likely it is to strike down the patent, is based entirely on the quantity and quality of prior art found.  So they are putting out the call to everyone.

Know of prior art?  ANY prior art?  The more, the better, send it in.  Remember the MythBusters Credo -- "If it's worth doing, it's worth OVERDOING!!!"  Don't have access to that?  Chip a small amount of cash to OIN.  But do something to end this travesty and abuse of protections.  This thing is guaranteed to fail, and OIN and Red Hat are bringing the fight to M$ instead of waiting for M$ to launch another attack.

We got 'em on the run, troops.  THE SPIRIT OF THE PEOPLE!  THE RHYTHM HAS BEGUN!


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May. 3rd, 2009 05:37 am (UTC)
Vivent la révolution!!!
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