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Good morning, Jane Lynch.

I am a huge fan of yours, starting from when I first noticed you in Best In Show.  I knew right then and there you were an expert improv player (not just anyone gets into the Christopher Guest Stock Company.  Not even Jamie Lee Curtis, who has comedy chops AND is married to the guy, is there).  I followed you on LoveSpring International, your turn on Thank God You're Here was aces...I admit, I haven't watched a single episode of Glee, I'm more interested in how you handle off the cuff stuff.  One of my dream match-ups will always be you and Ryan Stiles.

I bring up your comedy background and improv skills because I see you are hosting Saturday Night Live tonight.  SNL used to be awesome.  Then, hosting the show became a sign that you'd made it to the Big Time, not that you had talent but not a mainstream following.  In the ensuing years, there have been a bunch of flash-in-the-pan hosts.  The names read like a chronicle of who was popular, but not what they were popular for.  Elle Macpherson hosted.  Kayne West hosted (a year after he slammed them for making fun of him for the Taylor Swift debacle.  Amazing what you will do when your career is in the toilet).  Personally, I think the worst was when Paris Hilton hosted.  That wasn't just the nadir, that was the Challenger Deep of the show.  It's one thing for jokes to bomb.  It's another when it's just not funny.  And it's even worse when everyone is acting like it is anyway.

SNL needs help.  You know your shit.  So please, for the love of God, when you're on the show, PLEASE TEACH THE SNL CAST A THING OR TWO ABOUT BEING FUNNY!  Think of it as keeping America beautiful.
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