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Oh, I Forgot! Libre Office!

When Oracle sued Google over Java implementation in Android, devs went from angry to goddamn pissed off.  People abandoned Java in favor of Python or simply making web apps with HTML5.  Through it all, people like me wondered, what about  It is now part of Oracle, after all.  OOo has become a great productivity suite.  It is licensed under the LGPL.  The key difference between the LGPL and the GPL is, under the right circumstances, you can release things based on it under your own license, as long as it doesn't bake in the code you are using (linking instead of compiling).  You can still modify it, but if you directly use the code, you must GPL or LGPL it.

Well, within days of the Google lawsuit, this was taken advantage of.  LibreOffice is a new community set up.  They are taking the code for OOo and forking it.  And there's not a goddamn thing Oracle can do.  If they decide to take OOo private, they can only do it from this point on, all the previous code is still out there and can be used.

LibreOffice already has a beta out.  It's an RPM package, but they tell you how to convert it to a .deb if you run with that sort of crowd.  They are already taking the best of all the other OOo forks.  While this includes Novell's work, they are also running it past the Free Software Foundation.  They want a truly free office suite, so anything Novell has done under its patent swap deal with M$ is not going in there.  But improvements to efficiency and that?  Fair game under the GPL Novell licenses it under.  There are already teams set up to make Win and Mac versions, and they are using the Linux code as the base.  That means you won't need a bloated Java interpreter to make it work.  Hee hee.

Oracle welcomed the creation and talked about how great open source is (in other words, they realize saying anything bad after the Google lawsuit is just thwacking the bee hive).  Thanks to the GPL, Oracle can't threaten LibreOffice with a patent suit.  They can try trademark, but LibreOffice is making sure they don't infringe that thanks to the FSF.

What's that?  What about M$?  Good question.  M$ ginned up a deal with Sun way back when that indemnified StarOffice (the pay version of OOo) from patent infringement, but reserved the right to sue OOo users for patent infringement.  Guess what?  Doesn't mean dick.  LibreOffice is headquartered in Germany, WHERE THEY DON'T HAVE SOFTWARE PATENTS!  M$ has no basis to sue.  Take that, ya bastards!

It's a beautiful morning.....
Tags: computers, digital rights, foss, linux, open source, patent law, technology is a beautiful thing
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