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Doctor Who What Where When Why How

Several months ago, on the coder channel, some Doctor Who fans started talking.  There is a sizable contingent of them.  But these guys were taking it waaaaaaaay too seriously.  Peter G stepped up and successfully trolled them, getting them banhammered and returning the channel to its usual shenanigans.

Some of them read Peter G's blog, and saw how he enjoys tormenting his brother by choice, Mornblade, over Doctor Who stuff.  Mornblade is very bad at handling cliffhangers, he wants to know what will happen NOW.  He's usually reserved, but times like that, his level of impatience almost rivals Peter's.  Peter watched the last season of Doctor Who and picked up on little details from set design and costuming.  Mornblade appreciated the observations, but also started going more nuts, especially when the concept art leaked and Peter discovered what was in the Pandorica.

So, several coders, reading the post about Who being shot in America, decided to feed Peter some more information they had about the upcoming season.  One of them claims to know someone who works on the set.  This will not go behind a cut, because Mornblade will read it anyway.  Either that, or Peter will hear Mornblade's screams of frustration from his own house.

To emphasize, these are complete rumors, no one is confirming or denying just yet.  So this could all be bullshit.

But that's not going to stop Peter G.

Buckle up, Spanky.

1)  One rumor says no Daleks in this series.  We're talking the whole run of the season, not just the spring 2011 part.  Another says they will be.  After all, they are one of the signature villains and have been in every series since the revival.

2)  We will know exactly who River Song is and what her tie to the Doctor is.  This comes from Moffet himself in an interview on BBC3.  There's a clip of her telling the Doctor, "You're going to find out very soon now.  And I'm sorry.  That's when everything changes."  Also, we will learn who and what Silence is.

3)  Oh, here's a good one -- Omega may be returning.  According to the rumors, he had something to do with the time field cracks, silence, and the TARDIS going ka-blam.   I wonder if he was the voice saying, "Silence will fall"?  Also, the Dreamlord is also supposedly a counterpart of the Doctor.  So was the Valyard.  The Daleks and Cybermen both confirmed it was the Doctor who would destroy the universe.  Also, are the Time Lords going to return again?

4)  Rumor has it Billie Piper will be returning as Rose and John Barrowman will return as Captain Jack Harkness.

5)  Heavy duty bullshit alert -- rumor says Tom Baker will return as the Fourth Doctor.  It would fit, given how Moffat is such a Who geek, but given the amount of time (and no Douglas Adams to really make him shine), I'm not so sure.  On the other hand, Elizabeth Sladen may also be popping up.  SWOOOOON!  Also, K-9 and Romana.  I can see K-9 and Sladen, as The Sarah Jane Chronicles is running (the rumored episode title is "The House Of Nothing").  Romana?  Maybe she's that woman on the coucil?

6)  Neil Gaiman's story will be the third episode of the season.

7)  Matt Smith is saying this is his last season on Doctor Who.

No need to thank me, just doing my duty.....
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