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Maybe They're Just Trying For Hazardous Duty Pay

I believe in liberty.  I love liberty.  Not only are we given liberty by nature or dieties, however you choose to believe, but we are supposed to extend that liberty to others as well.  Note the "supposed to" in there.  People have a tendency to either not extend liberty or to extend it only to certain catagorized people.  This last option is called a "double standard".  Double standards exist everywhere, and everyone has them.  But probably the worst area for the double standard is in the simple world of human sexuality.

A lot of people don't realize how much we equate sex with dominance.  In the primative days, not being able to have offspring to continue the family line was the worst fate that could befall someone, worse than dying or going broke.  When people sit with their legs crossed, watch carefully.  Guys that being dominant will sit with their crotches exposed, women will sit with them protected.  The most frequently hurled insults are about not being good enough to attract a sexual partner.  People are told "suck my dick" or "kiss my ass" or "blow me" or some other phrase that suggests sexually servicing the speaker.  You exist to be used as a means to someone else's pleasure, and you have no other value except during those times.

The most egregious example of this is the media, specifically the news.  Women are typically presented as either good, innocent women or harlots who should be condemned.  This was what made the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding skating fiasco so perfect.  Harding was a rebel who wore outfits that were unrepentantly sexy and bold colors.  Kerrigan wore princessy outfits in soft pastels.  The two extremes, all set for the news to sell.  During the last Olympics, NBC spent a lot of time talking about a rivalry between two of the women on the ski team.  They expressed puzzlement.  They weren't exactly friends, but they weren't fighting, they were being professional.  I mention this because, in the past few hours, another social crisis has sprung up, and with the shifting landscape from the last few years, I don't quite know how this will shake out.

Earlier today, word got out that a porn actor tested positive for HIV.  Curiously, they aren't saying if the person is male or female (actor does imply a specific gender, you know).  Just before going to bed, a new report comes my way -- Wicked Pictures and Vivid Entertainment have suspended production until all details are known.  Uh-huh.  Yeah.  The diagnosis came from the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation in San Fernando.  They know exactly who it is, how likely it is to spread, and everything else.  Shutting down production has nothing to do with protecting the actors.

The adult film industry is protecting itself.

As porn has become more mainstream, more bucks have rolled in.  And when you become that big a target, the government starts looking for ways to mess with you.  There have been several attempts to impose regulations on the porn industry, and the industry responded the only way it could -- self-policing.  Basically, they are trying to prove they are responsible so that no one has an excuse to drop the hammer on them.  Getting in the way of this is the double-standard I mentioned above.  In 2004, a woman was discovered to be HIV positive.  She claimed it was her first movie, and suddenly, the media started white knighting her and talking about this horrible industry that gave her a death sentence.  Then it was discovered it was most definitely not her first movie, and that she got infected working on a movie in Mexico, where they take watching out for that stuff a lot less seriously.  That made more sense.  In the modern adult industry, you are required to show you are clean and be continually tested, or you won't get hired.  Suddenly, this poor exploited woman became someone who got what she deserved for being dirty and naughty.  Strictly speaking, since that incident in 2004, the AIMHF says they have had only nine adult film performers who tested positive.  And don't forget -- drug use is still the most likely way to catch the bug, so it's quite likely it had nothing to do with working in adult films.

So the industry is scrambling.  You can bet they are digging up all the info on the person they can so that they can tell the people with subpeonas, "Nope, not on our watch, don't regulate us."  The quiet is to buy time.  God only knows how accurate the "truth" we are told will actually be.  But when discovered, whoever it is, if it is female, they will either be a poor exploited woman who got a raw deal or a shameless hussy who should have been a librarian.  The news shows us what we want to see.  It's sad that women can never be themselves, only one of two roles that bring in viewers and ad dollars.
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