Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Who Didn't See THAT One Coming?

It really says something when I need time to write up a bunch of blog stuff, but this leaps to the front of the line and makes me update tonight.

3D Realms is no more.

The developers of Duke Nukem Taking Forever has just gone tits up.  They will retain their IP, and Apogee, which was working on portable Duke Nukem games, is unaffected.  But those of us wondering how 3D Realms could stay in business with the money sink known as Duke Nukem Forever is running had our suspicions confirmed -- they couldn't stay in business.

A few words about the Duke....

Duke Nukem was originally just a generic side-scroller until Duke Nukem 3D.  It was the Howard Stern of video games -- all shock value to show how edgy it was while being passable entertainment.  But as development went into its 12 year death spiral, other game companies stepped up.  The bar on shock value has been raised thanks to Persona and Gears Of War and Silent Hill and the early footage of SplatterHouse.  The Duke's attitude, stolen from Bruce Campbell (along with some of his classic lines), was no longer enough.  And the devs knew it.  Letting webcasters play the first level was a good stunt, but didn't reassure anyone when they couldn't play it themselves.

"I've played it.  It's not a myth.  You will be pleased."

Waaaaaaaaaaaaay too late now.
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