Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Mornblade's Gonna Flip His Shit....

Given how I will write about anything that strikes my fancy, I find it interesting that I've kept the fandom wank to a minimum, nearly non-existent level.  No, I don't count the Linux stuff as fandom wank, that's important and the wave of the future.  Sez who?  Sez me!

Back when I was a Whovian, I had long since figured that Time Lords on Doctor Who were capable of more than twelve regenerations.  My proof came in the episode The Five Doctors, where the Master, having used up his regenerations and roaming around in a stolen body, was offered a whole new regeneration for helping the Doctor.  So, as the series revived and the Doctor began slouching towards his thirteenth incarnation (Matt Smith is saying this is his last season as the Doctor), I figured the limit wouldn't hold, there was some way around it, and whoever was the producer at the time would come up with it.

Now, keep in mind that the revival of Doctor Who has its own built-in Superboy Punch.  Because of the Time War, there is no such thing as a single timeline.  This is why the series has four Atlantises.  Although, it does seem a bit confusing now.  I'm still not entirely clear how the ending of last season worked, but whatever.

So, is this clip from last night's The Sarah Jane Chronicles just the Doctor being a goof, or is this a hint of what's to come?

Sure explains why Romana blew off a bunch of regenerations until she found one that looked right.

So, Time Lords, in general, have twelve regenerations, although that number can clearly go up.  Does the Doctor have access to whatever it is, or has something about him altered so fundamentally that he can do this?

No, I'm not going with joke.  After all, the Doctor will run out of his original twelve before long....
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