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"Do You Know Me? I'm The Greatest Superhero Ever. But People Don't Recognize Me. That's Why...."

Step up, here's me discussing art and writing again.

I'm all up for new twists on old ideas.  I enjoy seeing people try to update things.  When Sherlock Holmes was updated for then modern cinema with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, the result was great stories.  Granted, a lot of these twists fail, but at least there's some imagination.

Well, for the most part.

One of the things you need to keep in mind as a creator is how the whole package "works".  There comes a point when you are so focused on your goals, you lose track of keeping things consistent.  Sound Waves is a personal example.  The series cannot survive with my typical cynical outlook, so I have to engineer the stories to not go that way.  Likewise, Stress Puppy needs its unique angle.  The characters are too smart to embrace the defeatism of the world of Dilbert, but there is enough awareness that a happy ending set-up (The Secret Of My Success) doesn't work, either.

Mornblade and I had discussed the Superman animated series that ran after Batman The Animated Series wrapped up.  He didn't think the dark deco look for BTAS worked for Superman.  I didn't have as much of a problem with it.  However, I flipped my shit over the Mission Impossible movies because I know Mission Impossible, I was a fan from when I was a kid.  James Bond stuff is not how it's supposed to go.

You know, I used to think J. Michael Straczynski was the shit.  I loved Babylon 5.  His work on The Real Ghostbusters was great.  The guy can be amazingly funny.  I didn't think much when he "redid" Wonder Woman, giving her the leggings and jacket.  If anything, I thought that was a more appropriate outfit than the star spangled swimsuit she was probably glued into.  But now comes a graphic novel from DC, Superman:  Earth One.  It is a reinterpretation of the character.  Check this shit out.  -->

Part of the reason I objected to the idea of Jennifer Love Hewitt as Wonder Woman was because the character is Wonder WOMAN.  Hewitt is just too girlish and pixie-ish for the role.  Same thing with Superman.  He's SuperMAN.  That means everything is exaggerated and enhanced.  This looks like a cosplayer trying not to be noticed outside the convention.

Every time I see someone with a hoodie who thinks it's cool, I want to slap them.  When M$ launched the XBox 360, the guy presenting (pushing 40 and built like Michael Chiklis from The Commish, not The Shield) wore a hoodie under his business suit, with the hood sticking out from the back.  It was the classic "Kids think this is cool, so they'll think I'm cool" when he looked like a pandering idiot.

Here's the problem with this version of Superman based on the sketch alone.  And I'm going to contrast it with Sherlock Holmes.  See, the Holmes movies, it was still Sherlock Holmes.  The character was transplanted, not changed.  There comes a point where, if you change something so much, why bother saying it's the same thing?  This isn't Superman, why pretend he is?  This is how bad mash-up comics like those by Bleedman happen.  The characters don't resemble the originals in any way other than the superficial.  Why not just make original characters and build the story around them?

Change isn't good.  Good change is good.  Change just for the sake of change?  That's a laugh.
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