Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Cheaters Never Prosper, But That Doesn't Stop Them From Trying

I have been waiting  patiently for Linux-based tablet computers.  The Dell Streak is just a disappointment.  And while the iPad looks great (FOSS supporter or no, I admit it is an impressive bit of kit and it would be interesting to have one), it is just too expensive and sizable for my present needs.  I'm basically looking for a glorified ebook reader.

I was waiting for competition to set in, but lots of plans to build Android based netbooks and tablets have been scuttled.  And the ones making it to the market are either close but not quite there (Dell Streak) or just flat out ripoffs (Augen GenTouch76).

Well, competition is coming, it's just slow.  The proof came with a report from yesterday.  M$ is going to charge Asus and Acer a royalty of $10-15 for every netbook and tablet they make running Android or Google's new Chrome OS.  They say it's for patents.  Both these companies are out of Taiwan, where law enforcement is SO important.  The only company there that has an actual license deal is HTC, which makes Android phones (which is why they are suing Motorola instead of HTC).

M$ and Intel already ganged up on Asus and killed the Snapdragon project.  Sounds like they can't kill these and are figuring, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  Still, once again, if you need proof that software patents have nothing to do with innovation and are all about anti-competitive weapons, here ya go.
Tags: computers, digital rights, foss, haven't we suffered enough, infernal gall, linux, open source, patent law, technology is a beautiful thing

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