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Peter G

Participating In Democracy Like A Bad Motherfucker

Okay, gang!  Tomorrow, we're gonna do what?

Sine Timore readers:  VOTE!!!

That's what I want to hear!

Tomorrow, we do what we are supposed to do -- we choose our candidates, and may the best choice win.  My request for those reading this is simple.  I'm not going to tell you who to vote for.  I've made up my mind, you've made up yours.  The only thing I ask is that you please make an informed decision.  Here's a hypothetical -- Sarah Palin is running for President (you know it's coming).  Do you vote against her because you don't trust her to represent what you feel is best for the country, or do you vote against her because she's an easy target to pick on?

With the whole thing about the rally in DC with the guys from the Daily Show, there's talk about whether or not the comedians have stepped over the line, becoming actual activists instead of just entertainers.  There's an obvious problem with this, though.  Everyone has opinions, and when entertainers state opinions that are agreed with, people will defend their right to their politics.  But if they disagree, they are uninformed or being something they aren't or whatever.  In reality, their stances are no more right or wrong than anyone else's.  The only difference is, they can serve as a rallying point, a beacon, for like-minded people.  Those thoughts are still out there, getting rid of a focal point won't eliminate them.

This is also why I just shrug when people make political jokes I disagree with.  See, anyone who's read my blog for any amount of time can see I take cheap shots at politicians and people I don't like.  Saying others can't because I disagree with it makes me a hypocrite.  Looking at Cheezburger Network, there are a lot of people who make fun of Sarah Palin just because she's Sarah Palin, not because of any political stances.  But you know what?  If there was someone in politics that I wanted to pick on, I'd be doing it, too.  Saying some things are allowed and some aren't just because of my judgment?  It's wrong.

And so it is with celebrities like those behind or the Daily Show people and so on.  Celebrities have been mixed up in politics since long before Will Rogers started his career.  The key thing is:  do these people shape your opinion because they crystalize your thoughts, or do they shape your opinion because they are doing the thinking for you?

This is the election people like me have dreamed about our whole lives.  We have the clout.  Politicians from both sides, D's and R's, are scared of us.  This is our chance to remind them that they serve the people.  Agree with ObamaCare?  Make sure you reward those who you feel made the right choice.  Disagree with ObamaCare?  Reward those you feel made the right choice.  Do not vote against a candidate, vote for one.  Find someone who represents you and get the word out.

And don't forget -- not everyone votes.  Basically, you're vote is equal to at least six people.  You get to decide for them!  How's THAT for a selling point?!?

Democracy belongs to the committed.  We have a chance to make politicians listen to us for a change instead of us begging them to consider us.  It's possible that not a lot of change will occur.  Speaking as someone who doesn't like ObamaCare, I'm not expecting the next Congress to repeal it.  There simply won't be enough new people to pull it off.

But it's a start that can be built on.

Or, if you support ObamaCare, you can rest assured that nothing will happen in the next two years.  And you can spend that time seeking out candidates that will refine and improve ObamaCare instead of tearing it down.

There are lots of ways this can go, but they all fall into one of two catagories -- constructive or destructive.  And the only way to guarantee it is the former is to make an informed choice.  Do something that you can think back and say, "I'm glad I voted for who I did."

See you at the booths....
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