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A Quick Overview

I'll do a more detailed analysis of the elections later.  This is just what I'm getting first thing in the morning as I enjoy my morning tea and survey the wreckage.

Biggest shock?  How did California not legalize marijuana?!?  So, amending the state constitution to deny gay marriage is okay, but a relatively harmless drug is not.  I don't get it.  Don't get me wrong, I don't do drugs, so it's not like I'm expecting legalization to do anything for me.  My logic for legalizing marijuana is simple -- alcohol is legal, marijuana is not, I have never met an angry stoner, and I've met plenty of angry drunks.  Supposedly, one of the concerns was that people would get behind the wheel stoned or show up at work stoned.  This shows these people don't know actual stoners.  They tend not to do a lot while baked....

The R's have captured the House but not the Senate.  This isn't a surprise to me.  The whole goal they were after would have required them to win twenty Senate seats out of the 37 available.  That just didn't seem statistically possible.  There is real voter anger out there.  So what happened?

Simple.  Voters have learned the lesson I've been preaching for decades -- there is no difference between the two parties.  They are after bragging rights and control, not to represent the people.  Proof of this came at lunch yesterday, when the radio had an interview with an R saying they didn't need a supermajority, that as long as they came close, they could cut deals "to really gum up the works.  NOTHING'S getting done now!"  Congrats.  You've just made yourself a campaign issue in two years.  GG.

Everyone knew the R's were paying lip service to repealing ObamaCare.  They wouldn't do that unless forced to.  With one party in charge of the House and one in charge of the Senate, each party can blame the other for things not getting done, hoping it will insulate them from the electorate in two years -- Hey!  We wanted to do it, but it was blocked by the other House!  Vote to get my party in there, and we'll get things done!

Looking at the results, I see a nation that no longer cares what party people are with.  They don't necessarily want results.  What they want is to be heard.  A lot of political types are breathing easier now, thinking that us tea partiers are a threat, but a controllable threat.  You see this all the time with movements -- after the reality sets in, that the change they pursued is denied them, people get disillusioned, take their bat and ball, and go home.  There's just one problem -- we tea partiers started because we are disillusioned.  We've learned much from this election, and we aren't about to say, "You can't fight city hall."  The House is always vulnerable.  I've described Reps as the fruit flies of politics because of their short lives.  And the Senate?  Two more years....

On to my personal biases:  Illinois does not have a gov yet, the results are too close to call and they are still counting the absentee ballots.  It was wonderful to see so many Libertarian candidates on the ballot, but I ultimately voted for Brady for gov (I know, I know) and Mark Kirk for Senate.  Kirk got it, and we'll see about the gov.  Topinka, unfortunately, is still comptroller.  Lisa Madigan and Jesse White kept their positions.  Halverson got the thumb.

More later on today....


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Nov. 3rd, 2010 01:18 pm (UTC)
I told Halverson to vote against Obamacare or she'd be looking for a new job. Did she listen to me? Nooooo...

With only 0.3% of a lead and not all votes counted yet, Pat Quinn is saying, "Okay, I won, go on home, nothing more to see here."

I also was pleased with how many third party candidates were on the ballot, and with their percentages of the vote. It's not uncommon for a third party to get less than 1%, so 3% is a pretty big leap.

On a similar note, Libertarian-pretending-to-be-Republican son of Congressman Ron Paul, Rand Paul won the Senate seat for Kentucky. WooHoo!
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