Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Okay...WHY Is It I'm Having Trouble In This Field Again?

So, here's roughly how the chat went, with me just watching from the sidelines.

DC is bringing back Doomsday?



Because Marvel has a new Death Of Spider-Man story coming out.


Because DC is going to kill off Oracle.


This is what I get for not reading many mainstreams.  I'm suspecting the days for Power Girl's series are numbered, given they are trying to incorporate her more into Justice League:  Generation Lost (which I quit reading after Giffen's run ended.  No disrespect to Judd Winick, but standard superhero stuff bores me, and JLGL is just too standard now for my tastes).  Deadpool is still going strong delivering the insanity and "Where exactly did that come from?" plot twists that I love so much.  And I keep hearing that I should try more mainstreams.

Oracle has long been one of the strange elements of the DC Universe.  As the cartoon I posted here pointed out, in a universe filled with Lazarus pits and cyborgs and all kinds of bullshit, the idea of Barbara Gordon remaining in a wheelchair after being shot by the Joker doesn't click.  At the same time, there was unique about Oracle, something different from other "handicapped" comic book characters.

Most characters with some sort of disability, they get something that not only makes up for it, but makes them better.  Daredevil is blind, but has his radar sense.  Donald Westlake is lame as a human, but can become Thor.  That's not a disability, it's an inconvenience.  Oracle is unique in that she has a disability that actually affects how she operates.  She has adapted.  She can't swing through the canyons of the city, but she can work the information angle.  Her situation and actions reflect her limitations.

You just don't see that.

This is why Oracle has a special place.  She is someone who is doing the best she can, making the best of a bad situation.  I certainly respected the character, and it tempered my annoyance with keeping her in the wheelchair.  DC liked to say she was an inspiration for disabled people.  I can see that.  She wasn't a token character with a disability, or just there as a sidekick.  She was empowered, she was adaptible, she was still living life on her terms, as a hero, instead of life simply happening to her.

And now, apparently, they are killing her off.

Admittedly, this is just a publicity stunt.  For all the fan following and DC's defenses of the character remaining in the wheelchair, her death will likely be just as permanent as Kyle Raynor's.  Of course, when she revives, will she still be in the wheelchair, or will they have to keep ignoring the elephant in the room?

A stupid, arbitrary destruction of one of the truly beloved characters.  And they wonder why readership is dropping.....
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