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Guess Who's Back In Circulation

Hey, kiddies!  Long time, no see!

Sorry I haven't posted much lately (at least, there were still the Stress Puppy strips to keep people from thinking I fell off the face of the Earth).  But I've been relaxing.  The new gig is busy and exhausting, but it's a good kind of busy and exhausting.  I know my job, I'm left to do it, when I do wrong, I'm told what I need to do to fix it.  I no longer have chest pains, and I can actually sleep through the night without nightmares about my job.

How are things going in my old position, now that Manager, Supervisor, and Carlton have what they want?  Well....

As anyone who has read my stuff will attest, I know angels.  And the worst is angels of vengence.  When they get busy, all you can do is move out of the way.  They are the nuclear option, there is no mercy.  And I moved just in time.

The previous Wednesday, when I was still on the job, the major account I work for decided to implement a new computer ordering system.

One they didn't beta.

On Wednesday, I was noticing the problem.  None of the orders were coming in, and the account's call center to report problems was "closed for a staff meeting."  All fuckin' day.  Right.  Keeping up wasn't that tough, it hadn't affected anything yet.  Next day, still nothing, and the call center to report problems to was STILL closed for a staff meeting.  I let everyone know that I could, but I could see this getting worse.  Friday rolls around.  I wind up calling the individual carriers and warehouses to get orders.  Time consuming, problematic, and a nightmare.  I had to stay an extra hour just to get it done.  The entire time, all I could think was, "Not my problem anymore."

At this point, I need to introduce one other participant in this.  He's the onsite rep for the account I handle.  He's a manipulator and a backstabber.  I'll call him "Chucklefart."  Chucklefart also wanted me gone from the position because I would stick to the warehouse's rules instead of just doing what he wanted.  His stock in trade was misdirection.  He would pretend to be on your side, but the problem was someone else -- "I would if I could, but you know what so-and-so is going to say, they'll say...."

We have new people running the place.  About two months ago, the warehouse's corporate office sent in a bunch of people to investigate something.  It took me a while to dig this stuff up, all my usual sources were either gone or hiding.  Seems there were a lot of things like people being allowed to be on the clock for overtime without actually being there.  The #1 at the site, the #2, the superintendent, the regional manager, and others were all gone in one day.  There was also a surprise drug test.  They didn't ask the usual questions about what drugs we might already be taking, so they were looking for something specific.  Twenty people got sacked for cocaine.  So we have a new staff unfamiliar with how things work and everyone running things.  Because people react to me so oddly, I was scared how I would be viewed.

Turns out, I wasn't the one who needed to be scared.  I took a couple of days off to decompress.  While I was gone, Chucklefart went through the main office and said, "Hey, look at me!  I'm Peter!"  He then hitched up his pants high and started walking, talking about how stressed out he was and how he refused to do things just because it wasn't allowed even though I could get away with it without anyone knowing.  Unbeknownst to him, the acting #2 had just come in and saw the whole thing.  Chucklefart didn't realize he was busted until #2 followed him into his office and closed the door.  I understand it was quiet loud on #2's part.

Strange thing -- when I came back the next day, that was when I got the offer to transfer to another department.  Like I said, when angels of vengence get to work, run like hell.

I should also point out that, on Friday, I was upstairs making some tea when Chucklefart came in (he doesn't know I know about his little act).  He asked if I was going to laugh at Carlton.  I said, no, I feel sorry for the guy, he has no idea what he's in for.  Chucklefart proudly declares, "Well, I'm going to laugh."  There's an old Polish proverb that says, A wolf remains a wolf, even if he has not eaten your sheep.  In that moment, I saw the wolf.

So, how has Carlton been doing?  Well....

#2 wants him to move to my old desk downstairs because that's where the managers and customer service and the's where the action is.  He refuses, and Manager has been blocking the move.

Monday, I get a call from a carrier, asking me to help with something because Carlton is screwing things up.  I say there's nothing I can do.  She says she's going to complain about Carlton and wants me back on the job.

Tuesday, I get called upstairs to Carlton's desk.  Manager and Carlton are confused about why a truck is done a certain way.  I explain why.  Manager asks me why I'm doing it that way because it's stupid.  I don't say, but I think, "YOU TOLD ME TO DO IT THAT WAY, AND WHEN I TRIED TO ARGUE, YOU THREATENED TO WRITE ME UP FOR INSUBBORDINATION, DIPSHIT!"  Manager also says, "You picked a fine week to leave, just as everything is going haywire."  I politely say I didn't plan this.  I think two things -- 1)  You picked a fine week to chase me out.  2)  Suffer, bitch.

Turns out, on Tuesday, Carlton almost walked, and Manager and Supervisor had to talk him into staying.  Tuesday, I get a call at home from one of my compatriots in customer service, saying everyone misses me because I didn't screw up the orders.  Things are being left off trucks, data is being entered incorrectly, all things that I never did.
Wednesday, my back-up and compatriot in the downstairs office (not customer service) has been press ganged into helping make sure Carlton isn't screwing things up.  It gets to the point where, about 1000, she went to see #2 about something, and as soon as he saw her, he facepalmed.  And it wasn't an act.  Also, a CSR is on the dock to check an order and sees me.  He dashes up and asks, "When you coming back?"  I said, I don't think I will, I'm enjoying where I'm at and they don't want me anyway.  He then leaned in and said, "When they ask you back, ask for more money."  I think, Wait, "When?"

Thursday.  More orders screwed up.  #2 is now insisting Carlton come downstairs.  Carlton doesn't want to leave his playmates.  #2 says he's going to get #1 to override Manager if he has to.

I'm wondering if #2 is trying to force out Carlton.  Carlton started on the dock.  Almost no one liked him, he would pass work off to others, get them blamed for his mistakes, and would accuse people of discrimination because he's black (HR had to do a few investigations because of him).  Then he moved to the shipping office, to keep him out of the way.  Kept screwing up orders, paperwork, and none of the drivers liked him.  So they moved him to my department, where he knew to make friends with Manager and Supervisor.  To the point where he hadn't done my job for more than an hour of training and was already coming up with suggestions for me to follow and they were implementing them.  Oh, and when he didn't do his usual duties and someone complained, he started another racial discrimination investigation against them.  Someone like that, you just dump them, they will sue.  If they walk, it's their fault.  Remember, I'm just in another department, I can be moved back at any time.  Oh, and I'm not supposed to know this, but my old position?  Manager is no longer in charge of it, #2 is.  And I'm already under his command in my current position.  So part of the nightmare, having to report to her, would already be over.

Now, I'm not assuming that's the truth, that this is some plan to see how the position really works, what all I really have to do, and get rid of one employee (they've been talking of downsizing the department anyway) in the process.  All I know is I've landed safely, and if I'm stuck doing this, I'm perfectly happy.  Life is imperfect, you don't get everything you want.  But the peace of mind is way beyond anything I had before.
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