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The Election's Over? It Hasn't Even Started Yet!

Ah, you smell that?  That scent of bullshit?


My home turf, what I wanted to be when I started reading the news back in the fifth grade, examining political news and commenting on it.  I've been away for a while since the midterms, now it's time to get back into it.  Watch me sparkle.

So, yesterday, the Rahmfather, Rahm Emanuel, made his candidacy for mayor of Chicago official.  Today, James Meeks is going to make his official pronouncement.  No surprise on either of those parts, especially for Meeks, who stepped down from running his church last week to kneecap criticism that he couldn't run the city and his church at the same time.

Mike Madigan, head of the Illinois D's, is trying to extend an olive branch to the Rahmfather.  Yeah, we'll see how long that lasts.  The two do not get along, but Madigan doesn't have a candidate to back.  The most likely candidate, Tom Dart, ended his quest, saying he wanted to be with his family.  Sun Tzu wrote in The Art Of War that a good general fights an already defeated enemy.  The Rahmfather has projected an air of inevitability, a fait accompli, as we say in the small towns, that he will win.  It's certainly his to lose.  The three Chicago tribes have seen the major threats nullified.  Guitierez has refused to run, leaving Emanuel for the Hispanic tribe.  The only other threats, Gery Chico and Miguel del Valle, are fighting for crumbs.  Daley's Hispanic Democratic Organization is the fastest to mobilize and they are behind Emanuel still.  In 2002, Emanuel was running for Congress.  City Hall sent workers to campaign for him on the clock for overtime and other perks like promotions.  The marching orders came from Don Tomczak, the head of the Water Department (currently in the stir) who took his orders from the top.

The white tribe?  They got no one.  They are an afterthought, they have no chance.

The black tribe?  Meeks could be a credible threat, but his support is being syphoned away by two other black competitors, US Rep Danny Davis and former US Senator Carol Mosely Braun.  Braun is only in this as a spoiler.  What's that?  You want me to prove it?  Okay, how's this -- Braun's chief campaign strategist is "Whispering" Victor Reyes, Daley's former patronage boss and leader of the HDO.  "Like God, I DON'T play dice and I DON'T believe in coincidence."

Emanuel has a lot of help to keep his skeletons in the closet.  Part of what is running Daley out of office is his privatization of the parking meters.  He rushed the deal through.  Turns out a chunk of that change is going to Abu Dhabi.  Also helping is President Barack Obama.  Emanuel did a 14-month stint (getting paid at least $320K) on the board of Freddie Mac.  They did a lot of risky investments that helped push the economic meltdown to happen.  People are asking for the minutes to the meetings so they can see what exactly Emanuel suggested, approved, endorsed, whatever.  The White House is refusing to make the board meeting minutes public.  Emanuel is dodging, saying the decision to reveal his role is the White House's, not his.  He's claiming that after Thanksgiving, he'll have a plan to sell the public about his big vision for the future of Chicago.

In other words, get ready to grab your ankles.  Everybody, not just Chicago.  It is the third largest city in the country, so they need all the help they can get.....
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