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As I look over my list of things I meant to cover but didn't get around to before the departmental meltdown that I avoided, I see entries that would be nice to cover but hardly necessary, like how Oracle is finding everyone bailing on it for acting like assholes about Java.  I'm not sure I want to revisit that.  But I did find one entry that I need to address specifically in the fallout of the midterm elections.

In 2009, the Iowa Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling legalizing same-sex marriage.

This year, three of the judges, including the chief justice, were voted out for it.

That's not a conspiracy theory, that is what the ouster campaigns were about.

Thomas Jefferson warned of the tyranny of the majority.  Justices, as part of checks and balances, are supposed to interpret a lot to get to the truth of law.  In other words, the judges made a sound ruling and instead of a campaign to change the law, punished the justices.

Gee, you don't think this will have repercussions on other judges?  Interpreting the law as to what will keep them employed instead of what the job requires?

Can someone tell me what it is about homosexuality that makes otherwise sane people act like idiots?
Tags: haven't we suffered enough, history, infernal gall, news, politics, stupidity

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